Lars Christian Størkersen - Fresh Percussion Studio © / Makin´Miracles - Lars Christian Størkersen - Fresh Percussion Studio ©️ / Georgia on my mind - Performed by Lars Christian Størkersen ( Written in 1930, Carmichael, Gorrell )

Lars Christian setting it straight

Man I clicked play and wow, was I surprised! Man Lars is setting it straight on this rendition. His voice is exactly what I just typed, "his Voice". He is being real, he is being expressive and he is getting the job done. The music is not even needed in this performance. In fact I couldn't wait for the instrumental break to get over so I could hear Lars finish his work. Rich, exciting and also piercing. The quality of his voice is just flat out bold and in your face. Good job is the least I can say about this song.

Love it!!!

Very soulful. I like this and your voice has a feel of Aaron Neville and Rod Stewart in one. I think your delivery is very good in this song. I think Ray Charles would be very proud and honored of your rendition. It was a true pleasure to listen to this version. Awesome job!!!

Love It

I want to say that you are a very great singer and everything about this song is amazing. After hearing this song from you I will defiantly listen to more of your songs. Shining bright man

Ga. On MI mind

What a classic song to redo not always easy to do your own version of something so classic I like the smooth vocal style that you used on it along with the Soulful grany tone you using certain parts the sax solo was excellent very soulful if I were to add anything to it it would be some horns playing some chords in and out through the verses and the sax player playing a little bit behind you I'm certain parts but of course with all creations when it comes to music it is always a matter of opinion overall excellent job keep up the good work

Great Song Man Keep It Up

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Georgia review

Love all the instruments that makes me lose myself in the sound. Perfectly organized song . Great vocals and great melody always equals a dam good song. Keep up the great work . Look forward to hearing more good sounds from you.


This is classical. Much soul. I can feel the vibe he was going for. Reminds me of an old school tune. The jazz funk is smooth. I love the instruments. Nothing like a saxophone. House music to relax to.

Fantastic Souldfull Version Of A Beautiful Standard!!

A very gentle piano and bass version in the main but with a great sense of swing- often happens when the track is slowed down and allowed tio breath. Great voice perfect for the track as close to five stars as its possible to get. Great deep sax solo playing now. This could really crack the pop charts they are ready to catapult this into the stratosphere!

Georgia On My Mind

Good choice with your sound, it is a song i would pick. You have that Ray Charles sound and some. Putting a little blues and jazz,soul and R &B . The music track and solo excellent. Would one day hope to see it performed live. you have connection and feelings as you sing. great for any audience anywhere.


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Georgia on my mind

Georgia on my mind an awesome track you have there ma brother. I like cool music like this especially when I'm about to sleep. You making greats track and keep up doing this genre, you best at it.

Nice Voice!!!

I love this track. It is so full of emotion and I love how you put your feeling into this track. You ranges are on point and I would love to hear an original piece from you soon. I also would love to hear how creative you are in other tracks. Good job keep it up.

what a wonderful song

This is a wonderful song! I love the piano, it so compliments the song. Everything seems to be mixed very well.. I would love to hear this song and more like it being played on the radio. I am most definitely adding this song to my playlist

I like it!

Thank you for your beautiful soul, R&B, relaxing music. The number sounds very great. I like your voice very much! Go on like this. It is a pleasure to listen to. This performance was great to listen to and I appreciate it very much! Thank you for sharing your music.


It's always a scary thought to go musically where so many others have gone.This doesn't seem to be a problem with you. Fearlessly you approach this classic. Made it your own. What an great victory for you. Magic
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