Kenny Cable / Thank You Jesus / From The Mountain Top

From the Mountain Top - Kenny Cable

Listening to Kenny Cable is such a treat. It’s like going to a music production class. His song would be the example that is used for how it’s done right. He takes a well written lyric and starts off with a well-played simple rhythm guitar and then starts adding instruments as he goes through the verses. Use of lead guitar fills and masterfully not overdone, but just enough to add to the flavor of the song. His lead vocal glides effortlessly through the song with excellent background vocals added in appropriately. His use of the organ and horns were right on the money as they emphasized his lyrics. It is obvious that Kenny is a well seasoned veteran of this genre. I think that even if one wasn’t already a fan of this genre, after hearing Kenny and his bands performance of this song, they would be hooked. So glad to see Kenny Cable has his new album out. It makes one wish they lived closer to Ft. Worth, so they would have more opportunities to attend his concerts!

Praise that rocks!

It is not often I encounter a new song of praise I can put my heart into, but this is one of them! The band is outstanding, and the producer has done an excellent job getting strong performances from the musicians and mixing it in a way that makes sense. The arrangement makes skillful use of different instruments at different times, and the musicians really have some chops! The female harmony vocal is wonderfully fitted to the lead, and the lead is sung with conviction and authentic joy. Keep up the good work!

Solid Country Gospel cut

Solid Country Gospel Cut. I thought the lyrics were great for the genre and production we good...i think that the vocal was good but production on the vocal meaning the vocal could have been thicker in the mix....backup singers were good...over all a solid effort! Well done!

Solid Performance, sir.

Straightforward and powerful message. Almost impeccable performance. Great harmonies and emotion. Something I could definitely hear on the radio. Let me know when you have more material to listen to!

Very Nice Song

A song with a nice beat and good melody. Decent instrumentals and clean recording. Lyrics are nice and have good theology. Kenny has a nice country sound in his voice. If you enjoy Country and/or Christian Rock (maybe what we call in my area Rockabilly), you'd enjoy this song a great deal.

From the Mountaintop.

Differ ent genres of music all sound alike and derivative of each others previous success.. Musicians copy other musicians success, and of course they always copy the hits. Kenny's tune, From the mountain top follows a familiar path but I found that spirit in his voice brings a freshness and confidence and a difference to a song which praises the glory of loving .God.
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