Kenny Cable / Thank You Jesus / Your Fire Burns In Me


It is always a pleasure to review a song by Kenny Cable, and "Your Fire Burns in Me" is no exception. The band is exceptional, with bass, drums, pedal steel, fiddle, and guitar all masterfully played, and probably piano way back in the mix too. Love the haunting Western intro, with the fiddle and cello (or is that a baritone guitar of some kind?) playing in unison. The arrangement is sweet, with a drop in energy about halfway through the song, totally in keeping with the words ("whisper"), followed by a big build back into the chorus. And as always, the producer and the mix are spotless. As always, the female vocal harmony is exceptional, form-fitted to the lead and pitch-perfect. Kenny's accessible voice sings words of what appears to be genuine faith. As I mentioned in a previous review, I'm not a big fan of fire imagery in Christian praise songs. It's overdone, and there is a danger of unintentionally invoking images of the fires of hell, rather than the passion of the Holy Spirit, which is what Kenny is going for here. I'm okay with how he uses the image, except for two lines that come right after each other: "Holy Ghost fire consumes me, Power and glory for all to see." First off, a consuming fire is a destructive fire that leaves nothing alive in its path, so I would have liked to see Kenny chose a different word there (like "propels" or "inspires", since it is about going forth into a broken world to bring healing). Second, it sounds like he is saying the power and glory of the Holy Spirit are visible to others through him, which is a bit grandiose, and not in keeping with the verse, which is about going out into a world in need of healing. Feels like he reached for some low-hanging fruit to fill some space. There are plenty of other words that rhyme with "me", so a more carefully thought-out line there would make a better song. I'm being picky here, because everything else about this record and this musical is of such high caliber, I want the songwriting to be up to the same standard. I greatly appreciate the musicians and producers I have been blessed to work with in the studio, and so when I hear another band and producer that's just as good, if not better, my hat is off. Keep on making that sound, in service to the Eternal God!


This song truly shows your writing abilities which are very good! The instrumentation could not be better and I think you all make a perfect team when you sing together. The way you harmonize with each other is heavenly. Keep the hits coming.

Your Fire Burns In Me

Awesome tune Kenny, best part of it is as God usually works in my life, I listened to it just when I needed to as I felt the fire was burning low in my heart. I really love the pedal steel and the violins playing in harmony....Just keep pumping out the tunes as this world desperately needs to hear what the possibilities that a heart on fire for the Lord can do. May God Bless You!

Rather Than Drums On Beat In Versus

Just a thought to enhance your chorus could be not to jave a four four drum beat in versus qnd make versus more animal sounding beat like example in the air tonight by phill collins. It might bring out the beat you have better for the chourus. It would give the song a different texture than same drum beat right through song. Think creative drums in versus. Just my thought.


I like Your song ..I'm hearing that You put "Your Heart" in to The Vocal part..If You just make arrangement a little better all will be Good..also if You will cut a little the intro for Music Publishers.. as You know They do NOT like to take to much time so You have max 10 sec to "catch" Theirs Ear..I do think some Christian Radio Stations will play This song..You did a Good Job to write and Record It.. I wish You good luck with submissions.. Good Job...

Good earnest song

Nicely produced song which is very easy listening and so easy to pick up, it passed the "old grey whistle test" for me, I love the feel of it's gentle lilt which draws you in as you listen. Well Done Kenny boy, keep up the good work
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