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All I Need

I love your voice and the Spirit I feel when you sing. Nice guitar and the words are so awesome. The light of the world is all I need. Your background vocals are all so smooth and appropriate. You are a great artist that glorifies the King of King and a great example for me. Keep up the great work of telling the world that He is all we need. Thank you the opportunity to listen to all your great songs.


Thus is a lovely song. A early morning worship or just listening to music during meditation, this song fits the situation. There is a great deal of experience in this composition. I love the feel and the flow of this song, I was ushered into a place of rest and solitude which is a great result. You have a great voice that compliment the melody creating a savory sound. I would put this song on the market. Continue to grow in the gift that's been entrusted to you, others needs it.

You're All I Need

Another spot on song Kenny, Vocals, Music, Mix, Levels are just awesome. Love the country flavor as it just makes it for me. Keys are sweet. It really keeps inspiring me to write music for the Lord as that's what I feel called to do in this season of my life. The lyrics say it all "He is all I need". Please keep the music coming as it is doing/saying what needs to be done in His Kingdom. A great Kingdom message in my humble opinion Kenny! Praise the Lord and God Bless you also.


Hallelujah brother thank you for your message at the cross when we first saw the light Jesus is the special like that we have to look forward to in life I thank you for this message that you're giving to me and I really appreciate your musical message if you could please check out some of my music if you would like I would send you some instrumentals if you want to try something new I really like your music thank you for the time and you win the contest love you

Solid song but not exceptional

Sometimes I really wonder why the lyricists of Christian songs try so little. It's not that the lyrics are totally bad and certainly not the message it contains, but there is so often no creativity, there is a string of cliches, nothing new, nothing surprising, that's a bit sad. The songwriters who want to assert themselves in the secular market have to come up with a lot more ideas in order to be heard and successful, and they also work on the same topics over and over again. The song sounds a bit old-fashioned, but I think it is written for a certain audience and that fits. The production is very well done and the singer has a pleasant voice that you can listen to well.

You're all I need

I love country music, and I feel singing your song all day long. A very hopeful message as we see desperate needs in this world. This is our faith, if God is with us, we are complete even in the middle of dificulties.

Great Production!

You have a great production and voice. The background vocals are also impressive. The notes are on point. The only feedback I would give is the lyrics aren't as strong as the song itself. The chorus is amazing but the verse lyrics seem somewhat generic. I like simplicity in my songs too though. The mix and mastering were done well too. I love the song and with some tweaks, it could be a bit better. God bless you Kenny and I hope my feedback helps you out.


I must say that that I was expecting something much better specially in The Vocal Part..and I do not like the Drum machine..I think be a good idea to rerecord it with a better Singer ( some notes are off the tune which is NO GO in today World )..some parts of the arrangement are also I'm sure the new recording will be better.. at it is now is ok to sing it at life concerts but as a Radio Play or pitch it to Music Publishers.. I do not see Them to "jump" on it..I wish You good luck.. Good Job...

Good slow dance.

Hi great job on this song. I like the rhythm and guitar parts. It is a great song for slow dancing. The vocals are good I can tell you have been singing for some time now. The only thing that would make it better it a short guitar solo half way thru. I wish you the best! May you be blessed beyond measure! Have an awesome day!! Peace

Review of You're All I need

Nice tune and great message. Pleasant voice and good harmonies. This is an encouraging song with very nice accompaniment. Easy to listen to. When hearing this song, I would be interested t hear more music by the same performer.

You're all I Need in review

The song has a wonderful title. The lyrics are beautiful, and the singers voices, are so crystal clear. The musical arrangement is on point. The song is short and sweet, which leaves you wanting more. I am going to learn this song, because it's easy to learn and sing. I would dare to say that, this song is one that will be at the top of my play list. Great job Kenny Cable from Ft Worth Texas, and thank you for considering me to review your awesome song.

Nice !

Really like this the mix sounds perfect vocals great was it pro recorded ? and mastered certainly sound like it we work from a bedroom studio and this is the sort of sound we try to achieve Blessings Terry

Solid worship opener

From the nice twin fiddle intro to the strong duet vocal at the end, this song is solid. Kenny has a good voice, and though he is pitchy in spots, he sings convincingly, from the heart, with classic country styling. The female duet vocalist is equally yoked and really shines toward the end of the track. The message is positive and appropriate, the lyrics are simple and safe, and would make a solid song to open worship and invoke the Holy Spirit. The band is tight and talented and live. The fiddler(s) play(s) in perfect two-part harmony, with flourishes that are impressive without being showy. The piano player shows tasty flashes of Floyd Cramer. The lead guitarist has great tone and talent, but occasionally steps on the lead vocal a little. If this song were for listening, I would want to hear an instrumental verse or chorus, to give these talented musicians a chance to step forward and shine, but since this song is best viewed as a worship opener, perhaps it's just as well to keep the arrangement as is. Nice job!
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