Awesome ???? Song

thank you so much for sharing is awesome song I really like the title of the song I love the meaning of the song well put together very clear and well composed. Continue to give God the glory with your gifts and talents keep more sharing your gifts with the world and never stay inside of a box always be more creative this year. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a blessed New year continue to go higher and God continue to give all glory to his name to your music keep on Sharon. Once again thank you for sending me this song I really love the title I love everything about the song it's a very great song. Have a wonderful weekend and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors

Switch off, tune in and listen

Block out distractions by putting your headphones on and turn out the lights, then tune into the fabulous melody and lyrics of this song that reflects beautifully on the issues being faced by many people in the world today. As Christians we have the answer and we shouldn't be afraid to proclaim Jesus sacrifice and the demonstration of his love on the cross.

Where IS The Love?

A poignant lyric. This is a beautiful song revealing the Gospel of The Kingdom. The song of seeking the source of love....the love from Our Savior, I was surprised at the choice of instruments. It sounded like an old fashioned harpsichord but possibly a keyboard with effects. The guitar is really suited to this song, slow and measured and really touching the heart. All your lyrics show us how we could be there for them because we hear the voice of The Lord and answer His call to go to them and bring them His Love. The answer is love go and Christ and bring His protection and salvation. A great song, understated. I think it would do really well in other Genres like the Spoken Word and Christian Gospel. It could be a chart topper in all these categories. So I hope you will put it forward!

Review of aong

The whole package is beautiful! The guitar and drums are well balanced. The vocals are easily heard and not in competition with the music. The lyrics are spot on and carry a great message. Keep up the good work!

Really Beautiful

Very, very good song. I truly enjoyed the message. You also are good singer. I do hope you continue to sing and write. Keep inspiring the people. One song at a time, one soul at a time. Everyone deserves to hear God's promise.

Keith Burroughs has found the love!

Keith Burroughs has certainly found the love and has passed it along to listeners of his song "Where Is The Love?"! Mr Burroughs has a great voice for this type of song; warm, comforting, and gentle, but he gives the feeling there is certainly power there under the easy-listening feeling of his music. His quiet drum and guitar accompaniment perfectly suit his words and his voice. my only real criticism, and it is a very small criticism, is that I would have liked to hear an additional moment or two of a chorus with a change of key or timing, to kind of "brighten things up a bit" for lack of a different description. On the whole, however, I greatly enjoyed this selection offered by Mr. Keith Burroughs, and believe this song, "Where Is The Love?" will do well commercially. Mr. Burroughs also sounds as if he'd be great in a live concert as well, and I think he'd be a talented individual to both see and hear.

Keith Burroughs Where is the Love

Pleasant Vocals with a message nice recording but it sounds like the drummer was in a separate room and would be nice to have the beat a little more central in the mix not just on one side. imagine a stage and position the players acordingly on the mix. I hear you asking the question Where is the Love and I hear several answers to this question. Keith introduces us to charaters as the song opens , then asks some questions of his own ,frustrated at the state of the World , Where is the love , searching for answers ( love was on a cross ) little confused what happened to the Girl and the Boy on the street feels like a butterfly not quite settling on one theam. Still a very plesant listen sorry if I went to deep. Best regards Stephen

about your song

yes amazing music yes amazing lyrics yes amazing singing i love this song i love all of it i can tell even from the start of it that it is tops this is also a amazing message which i agree where is the love? the world need more of GODS love then ever before and we people in the lord should be the 1st to shine the light of the lord and love them the best way is to let them know is to let them know about the gospel message and more on the cross as you have done do try to promote this big time i think it is from the lord inspire and people need to hear it OK can brake record perhaps? i think why not? well done the lord says to you for you to know that you are doing well well done again i love this so much i gave it top rating OK

Melodic Guitar

A like the low tone of your voice when you start off the verse. Good job in keeping it simple overall, the best thing you did in this song was the simplicity. Very strong and real lyrics especially about the state of the world today.

Nice but needs some spice

The lyrics and message are good but the song was too even toned with very little dynamics. However, the song is quite memorable. Well done and keep up the good work. God bless you and I wish you all the best.

Where Is The Love

Hi Keith, I love the lyrics , vocals and music but the mix seems a bit on the dry side, sounds like it could use a touch of compression and effects, but all in all , anothre good song...Keep praising the Lord through you music.

Where is the Love

Yes you have the love! Vocal is clear and lyrics are easy to understand. You get the point where is the love in a lost nation! Songs like this are needed in a world that is lost. Keep up the good work.

Where is the Love?

This song takes me back to the Jesus Music days, before it was CCM, before the Praise and Worship genre dominated the industry. Simple, straightforward message and a basic folk sound that would have been a hit in days when neither art, not generic production sounds were necessary. We just sang to point the way to Jesus. This song does that. I like it.

Heartfelt plaintive cry

Keith Burroughs has delivered a heartfelt cry that expresses what a lot of us are thinking: "The world seems lost." That has never felt more true than now. The production is simple and clean, with synthesized drum and bass as a foundation, and live guitar, mandolin, and voice over the top of that. Keith's tenor vocal delivery is on-pitch though not exceptional, and the emotion is congruent with the words. It was for just such a lost world as this that Jesus gave his life.

Try this

I think this is a nice song, it has a calming vibe. I think that you could try adding "Live" to your title and try exploring acoustic as a genre and see what happens. Most of the time when reviewing a song, it's easy to hit checklist of things one would think necessary to be considered industry standard. Sometimes and I think this would be the case for this situation, the genre of music the artist is performing has a lot to do with the recording technique as well as the gear, ie grassroots. If you remove the basic raw sound created by the natural setting and basic instruments such as a washboard, is no longer grassroots. In this case, it is possible to meet industry standard with basic equipment. All in all the very thing that you may think needs to be improved could very well be the stamp of authenticity. The lyrics were touching, I truly hope this helps.
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