Where is the Love

Yes you have the love! Vocal is clear and lyrics are easy to understand. You get the point where is the love in a lost nation! Songs like this are needed in a world that is lost. Keep up the good work.

Where is the Love?

This song takes me back to the Jesus Music days, before it was CCM, before the Praise and Worship genre dominated the industry. Simple, straightforward message and a basic folk sound that would have been a hit in days when neither art, not generic production sounds were necessary. We just sang to point the way to Jesus. This song does that. I like it.

Heartfelt plaintive cry

Keith Burroughs has delivered a heartfelt cry that expresses what a lot of us are thinking: "The world seems lost." That has never felt more true than now. The production is simple and clean, with synthesized drum and bass as a foundation, and live guitar, mandolin, and voice over the top of that. Keith's tenor vocal delivery is on-pitch though not exceptional, and the emotion is congruent with the words. It was for just such a lost world as this that Jesus gave his life.

Try this

I think this is a nice song, it has a calming vibe. I think that you could try adding "Live" to your title and try exploring acoustic as a genre and see what happens. Most of the time when reviewing a song, it's easy to hit checklist of things one would think necessary to be considered industry standard. Sometimes and I think this would be the case for this situation, the genre of music the artist is performing has a lot to do with the recording technique as well as the gear, ie grassroots. If you remove the basic raw sound created by the natural setting and basic instruments such as a washboard, is no longer grassroots. In this case, it is possible to meet industry standard with basic equipment. All in all the very thing that you may think needs to be improved could very well be the stamp of authenticity. The lyrics were touching, I truly hope this helps.

where is the Love

Thanks for posting and requesting.I LOVE the intro. Very simple arrangement, which is just what this song needs. Its a nice song. With that being said I wish you would of dropped it a half step, the vocals sound real thin, making them a little hard to understand at times. Overall good job. Keep it up. !!!
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