reveiw your song

yes i think the music is fantastic so as the lyrics and so is the singing is fantastic i do not see any problem with this song and all it's performance although it be great to add more instruments to it but it is still is tops as it is i truthfully loved this song so i gave it top rating i think it is great fantastic i think because i listen to Christian songs the lord gives us a top gift all of us learn from him to be tops like you are and all i have heard here in N 1 M is Christian songs all tops like yourself keep up the great work in the lord GOD BLESS ALL YOU your family friends and everyone may he be with you all

Wonderful sound

I believe that you have the perfect sound for the genre. the lyrics went and the guitar playing was great as well, continue to minister and share that light with the world. definitely more power to you boss!

Powerful Message

I must admit that I like this song because I'm strongly "Pro-Life," but aside from that, I like how the song causes listeners to imagine how life of an unborn child would've been like had they lived. To my mind, your message is very candid, and it speaks directly to the heart of all listeners no matter what side of the fence their on. In retrospect, It's sad songs like this are written because people should naturally understand the value of human life in the womb, but "because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold" (Matt 24:12). I like the lyric "Compared to this, the Holocaust pales in comparison" Wow! However, aside from the underlining message, the song tends to drag a bit, and the tempo seems too slow.

Womb of the Unknown

Hey Keith, I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that I liked this tune. Your lyrics are really nice and shout out to Gods glory. I like the music mix as well. Please continue to keep writing music for Gods Glory. Lord knows this world doesn't have enough good news and that's what the Gospel screams out to us......The Good News. Also I wanted to thank you again for sharing my music also!!!!!

Mellow worship

This is a good idea executed well. This song sounds like a deliverance type of song, the type that plays in the background while the Minister speaks to the heart of the people. Normally during a deliverance the music is played over again for a period, the song then becomes a vehicle to change the individual who's able to receive the message. I think that is a wonderful thing. The production and the mix is fine, I could only say that most songs could use improvement but this song is pretty much good to go. I love the way this song is written it has meaningful content and the way the you sing the lyrics is nice and mellow. Overall I could see a place and a purpose for this song.

Review Requested

Hi Keith I listened to your song today. Well mixed, vocals nice and clear. Love the instrumentation, I also use a lot of piano and acoustic/electric guitars in my music. One suggestion would be to use strings on the chorus to highlight that and it also adds richness to the mix. God bless

Heartfelt attempt at a pro-life anthem

From the acoustic intro to the end of the song, this tune held my attention. Presented as a lament for the holocaust of the unborn in the U.S., the song comes across as authentic and heartfelt, and far less judgmental than you might expect. The band's performance is solid, though the production is amateurish. Musically speaking, the lead vocal is the weak link. Plus, the singer's voice is not mixed forward enough, so that I am straining to make out the all-important lyrics of the piece.

Womb of The Unknown - Review

When I first started to listen to this song I wasn't sure what to expect.This song has a great message which kept me listening. The instruments and vocals are good. With most songs I like to see a little more structure in terms of verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, and Coda but the simplicity of the song and message I think were just right. I enjoyed this song and am interested to see what else this artist can offer the listener in future songs. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your music. God Bless you!!

here we go.

1st things 1st, THANKS for wanting me to critique your music. It really is putting our babies out there for sure. The mix is good enough, your voice is out front which is a GREAT thing. With that being said I think you could of gotten a better take on them. There were times when it sounded weak and just trailed off. The band is tight enough with the synth carrying the whole thing. Nothing wrong with that. Like I said up top your voice was out front, but with that being said i think your enuciation could of been better because i find myself wondering what the song is about. Anyway, thats what i heard or did not hear. Thanks.

Good vocals

Voice is good . very soothing. I like the song a lot but believe I'd put more production into the backing music. The guitar strum is good but seems like it should be more in the background with a keyboard and/or other instruments doing fills. A dynamic change would be good too. It could start even softer and then build and drop back down near the end. Overall though it's good.

Great work of heart

I really enjoy listening to this guys songs. He has written the lyrics straight from his heart making his connection to the heart of the Lord evident. The guitar is beautiful as well. Truely a pleasure to play!

Hello from Jerzy....

It was a pleasure to hear Your song... if You make an intro a little shorter it will help the song....You have a nice voice so PLEASE USE it...seem to me like You are afraid to put some power in to the vocal...I some parts I will; take the song up HIGH...but this is just me...good job..I like it...well I just wish I be on the piano... on recording... Jerzy..

Lindo louvor!

Muito bom poder ouvir as verdades que acontecem num cotidiano triste de crianças que não tiveram oportunidades através de uma melodia linda, simples, harmoniosa. Mesmo sendo a letra triste, esta música é bonita demais! Amei! Parabéns!!

Womb of The Unknown

I love this song to honor the children lost to the world due to lack of love. Beautifully rendered piano accompaniment with sensitivity. The percussion also is perfect and softly carries the song to it's conclusion It brings to mind that it is A Battle to put souls on this earth inhabited by a part of God, their spirit and His Spirit. Sadly, we don't realize the value of a human life as we should because we do not comprehend the gift. I am glad Keith wrote this song, it took a bit out of him and put it into the light, God's Love for The Unloved He sent to reveal another part of His Loving Character.

A beautiful story sung in a song

Really like the melody, the arrangement and the words of this song. A Simple but effective use of the instruments. Not too complicated. Sounds like a really interesting story being told in a beautiful song. Really really like this.
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