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My Little Love Boat review. this song is a strictly country piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in country style as I said everything recalls the country genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a country piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job


It is a nice melody but The Song need a lot of work..It need a much better arrangement..vocal and recording quality ..sound to me like recording home made..as It is now is ok to sing It at home but has no chance to be played on the radio ( They Play only Radio Ready Recordings )..Music Publishers are hard to please and they more less looking for a Final Product ( not a Demo )..I really like to hear a final Recording with some work done it will be a good song.. I wish You good luck with recording and submissions after..

My Little Love Boat

Hi again Karen. I do believe that I just heard this song in a totally different genre the other day. (Reggae I believe) Although I love country, I have to be truthful. I really do not think that the country genre did it any favours. It did, however, belong in the reggae type genre that I first heard it. I have to ask a question. Was this a song about a real boat, or was this about a lost love akin to losing a boat? I am confused here. lol Especially in a country type setting, the whole idea of comparing one's love to a boat seems foreign to me Maybe it is just me. ;) I suppose that this is the beauty of music and its related counterparts; the experimentation; nothing ventured nothing gained. ;) In the song, did I hear correctly when I thought I heard "she sang her last dance; at last it sunk"? Instead of the humming, it might have been more widely accepted if an instrument was used to play the lead part. I hope I have made you laugh, and not cry, with my confusion. Keep on writing Karen. Blessings, Trev. :)

Review ofMy little boat

Clear crisp vocals by Karen O’Brien, message of his little love boat, instruments clear and simple but backs up vocals with plenty ump to spare nice little tune that gives you something to listen to, I would think that it’s well worth your time to take that time to listen to My Little Love Boat.l uwould likedtohave heard a little bass back up and maybe a fiddle to blend in the vocals but tune is nice as is.


The swinging rhythm leads you right in, a simple acoustic guitar and vocal, the lyric rambles a bit and could use some more "show not tell" to get the point across but it's a fun little ditty and easy to hum along to. I like the chords and the overall jauntiness and irreverence to the song. Keep at it my friend you've got an easy way with melody and just need to tighten up those lyrics and stay on point. The chorus should be the focus with every word leading to the that one thought. :)
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