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Love Boat review. this song is a strictly Pop piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Pop style as I said everything recalls the Pop genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Pop piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job


,, hey great lyrics man good to hear something different always used to hearing the same type of music this is something different I really appreciate this you got a good story and good sound maybe you can try out some of my music and I can send you some instrumentals if you like I'm always down to work with great artist you win the contest for the day I want to give you all access to everything we got a million dollars just for you buddy

Congratulations for all

Congratulations is really a great singer and song. Best artist, good text, good music, good arrangements and sounds, excellent interpretation. For me it's all excellent and enjoyable!! So worthy of being voted with 5 stars!! Hoping that this song can get the success it deserves, I'll give you my live compliments and sincere wishes!!! (°_°)


I think that music feels calm like an easy listening. is it recording in the studio? somewhat disappointing sound degradation is somewhat disappointing...overall it was my favorite type of song atterwards i think that it was still better if there was some ingenuiyy in the length and development of the song thank you Mihi

Love Boat

Hi Karen. The music reminds me of a caribbean holiday; very good grouping and mixing of music tracks. I might have categorized this tune as a reggae/pop. Easy to get a groove on with this arrangement, but there were a few places where the same chord was carried on too long and it kind of stalled the flow of the tune. :( It didn't happen very often, but there were a couple of places where the organ kind of went off and did its own thing (like in a different key). I liked the graininess of the lead vocal, but it was a bit flat in many areas - sorry. I don't know if it was the weakness of the lead vocal, or the mixing in certain area, but I couldn't make out the words in a couple of places. The female background vocal was good. I think that the sax may have been about 1 or 2 cents out of tune; not that much, but enough to notice it. I think your lead guitar could have been tuned before the song started - but especially at the end. ;) Sorry to appear to be so critical, but you have some "great bones" to work with. Keep up the great work. Blessings, Trev. :)


The sound of this song is good, there is something that is a little out of tune, I would say that the guitar in certain parts, or maybe the idea is that that sounds like that. I like the voice as strange, the choirs are very beautiful and the rhythm is good, but there is something that does not fill me completely, I do not know what it is, but in general I think it's a good song. El sonido de esta canción es bueno, hay algo que está un poco desafinado, diría que la guitarra en ciertas partes, o quizá la idea sea esa que suene así. Me gusta la voz por extraña, los coros son muy bonitos y el ritmo está bien, pero hay algo que no me llena del todo, no se que es, pero en general me parece una buena canción.

This song has some more potential

Okay, this is not a country but a nice jazzy, bluesy soul song with much more potential. First of all, an original sax is missing here, of course. Apart from that, the song almost pushes for a longer improvisation part, no matter if it comes from a blues guitar, a Hammond or even a sax. With two and a half minutes the song is so short that there would still be enough space here. There's definitely more to it than that. So far, it's more of a sketch of a song.

Nice choices of Instrumentation and Melody !

Nice choices of Instrumentation and Melody ! Yep, I like the simplicity of this track. Love the sincerity of the lyrics , melody, and dynamics, so laid back ( Love it) Positive input: Please pay more attention to both Vocal and instrument intonations and tunings. ( no worries, (You got this) Just a recommendation to make something nice into something potentially so much better. Thank You for sharing your music! Cheers !!!!! :-)


You ask for review...recording is not the best.. I think this is something to work on.. to tell You truth ..not much going on in It..specially The Vocal Part You have to co up with something much better..if I be You I will rerecord it also with better arrangement,, as it is now..I do not think it will be pick up by Radio Stations or Music publishers ..remember They looking for a Radio Ready Quality Recording not a "demo".. I wish You good luck with new recording.. Try Your Best...

A cool and enjoyable music

Hello! A nice Hammond organ background... Softness in instrumentation, it's cool! The voice goes very well with this style of music. I find that the small forays of the sax are hardly fair (as far as the tonality)... Or it's the rhythm guitar that gives this impression. The bass guitar gives a good foundation to the composition. I would have liked little solos on the organ, rather than the sax. A cool and enjoyable music to listen to.


Great intro, keys and drums (reggae inspired) sad lyric with a happy beat makes for a touch of weirdness. Is he talking about a girl, his boat or both. I think there's a lot of potential here but it still needs some work. I think a heard a snippet of this with a female vocal a week ago. I liked that better. I would also add a solo section in the middle to break things up and stretch it out a bit. Good job and keep at it! :)

Smooth love song

The music is not overly complex, but I like it. The tunes on the saxophone accompains the song with basic good feeling. An accentuated Stratocaster guitar sound underlines with engaging chords the distinctive melodies of the brass instrument. The hamond-sound from the keys creating a smooth atmosphere. Melancholic song in mixture of contemporary music with pop elements. The intro sounds like a story and make the meaning of the song engaging for me. The voice of the singer has a soft vocal projection and the lyrics coming from the heart. Overall an impressive arrangemend for a self-produced compostion but the track doesn´t sounds as a finished product. Even so, a good job and very talented. Listen to the music and maybe you likewise add it. Let others know your recommendation.


You have seen it before. Of course you have! It is that dot on the horizon that seems to just lose itself because it is so far away. As the minutes go by, however, it starts to form more and more of a picture. It starts to look like something that you have seen or heard before, so with that in mind, you start to fix your eye on the dot to see if the form that is a dot shows iteself to be something more interesting when it gets closer. After much squinting of the eyes and perhaps even grabbing the binoculars we recognize that it is taking the form of an interesting shape. However, as intriguing as the song and the music was in this song, my question did not seem to be answered as I had hoped. The song and music stirred my interest but it did not seem to finish the task of fulfilling its potential. It had an interesting beginning but it did not finish with the same potential

Love Boat

A unique opening, soft and smooth opening does not sound country but then I like it, drifting back to the old pop tune of the late sixties . A little blusey , bass tones nice and I would have liked a sax bing the house down, a very likable tune and worth listening to. Wroth your time to take time to listen friend. I recommend it .Voice nice also>
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