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I like Your song It need some "work" on Arrangement and I wish The Vocal Part will be sung with ,ore Energy and Power..Is good to dance.. send It to some Radio Stations and let's see They will say.. Music Publishers are Very Hard to please..but if You make some improvement who know..I wish You good luck with submissions You did good job on It..Is goodto play on Life Concerts and I think many people will like it.. same like me..

Classic sound

The guitar intro reminds me of several big 70's power ballads, in a good way. The vocal is wispy and inviting, right on key and the build up with the keyboards is nice. I would have brought the drums in sooner to help differentiate the "Her Wings" chorus/refrain. Solid effort all the way but lacks tension and release, it's one vibe all the way through. The strings are a nice touch but they came out of left field, introduce them sooner I think. Good effort and keep at it. :)

Nice Tune

The tune to this song is great and I like it a lot. You can hear the potential of the song. The only thing that lets it down are the effects on the voice. There is far too much and subsequently you cannot hear the lyrics apart from the words 'She' and 'wings'. Sort that out and this would be a fabulous track. With clearer vocals, I would definitely listen to this track again, and would probably buy a copy.

Her Wings

Hi Karen..just wanted to say that I listened to another one of your song's this morning. You have such a melodic voice, reminds me of angels flying in heaven, and how perfect to call your song "Her Wings". Really enjoyed listening to this first thing in the morning. I'm going to continue to be a fan of yours, as your music really pulls at the heart strings. I really wish you all the very, very best life has to offer in your endeavours, oh, and hey if you ever get a chance with some down time, have a listen to some of my originals, could really use a professional opinion on what you think. Good luck, and Cheers


very buetiful into. the heavenly wings caught my attention and intrigued me. the voice and voice effect is fit for the song as well. i absolutely love the piano and when them drums drop in. very soothing song. the lyrics are very unique and properly written as well as well spoken. something about that effect is the most creative part of the song despite the lovely and heavenly chorus.keep up the good work


The arpeggiation at the beginning (and throughout the song) is really nice :) It fits well with the song, too. The lyrics are very well written. Just perfect! The piano fill that is added in between the vocal parts is absolutely beautiful, but it does create the issue of there being a noticeable volume difference once the vocals come back in. Maybe fade the piano in and out super gradually? Or just improve the mastering of the song altogether so that volume levels are more consistent throughout?

Old school power ballad

The guitar intro is reminiscent of 80's hair band ballads and that's not necessarily a bad thing. The singer is in key and the title is solid. An angel earning her wings is a good positive sentiment. The keyboard kick in was surprising, might've featured that a little earlier. Melodically the main idea repeats itself many times. Very operatic by the end. All in all this sounds like a demo, melodically it stayed on one theme where some variation might've helped, melodically and lyrically. Good work! Keep at it!


beautiful song, transparent feelings singing voice has a stable rtythmic feeling i think that the overall configuration is also wonderful Floating backgrounds is wondderful good luck

Beautiful Song

Love this song and love your sound! Very Moving, I love the simplicity of it and how the chorus and verses intertwine so nicely together. Keep writing and Singing, I see great things coming for you.


Bonita canción, bonita melodía y bonita voz. Música sin abusos, con los arreglos justos para que no se haga pesada y con subidas y bajadas para hacerla más interesante al que escucha. seguiré escuchando más de Karen y conocer su música más a fondo. Nice song, nice melody and beautiful voice. Music without abuse, with the right arrangements so that it does not become heavy and with ups and downs to make it more interesting to the listener. I will continue listening to more of Karen and know her music more thoroughly.

A good job !

Hello! From the first measurements of this composition, I liked the sound of the guitar... Very fine and very well recorded! The singer (probably young and pretty)! Has a youthful voice, suave and very pleasant to listen! The whole is well filled, well compact, and it forms a very nice all. The orchestration is skillfully thought, with these tablecloths of violins, which accompany very well the singing. Good job!!!

evasion time

It is the first time I listen to your song, good arrangement and mix . I have a really quiet and pleasant time. Only the end I have found it surprising compared to the sweetness of the song, Nice to listen to you again

Her Wings Review

Hi Karen, I'm sitting here listening to your song... I love the arrangement so far, the twinning acoustic guitar and piano is a nice accent. Overall, the mix is good, with the exception that your vocal needs to be louder. It gets buried in the music. The vocal should always be prominent, no matter what. People tend to click away from the song if they are having trouble hearing the words.. it's the lyrics that sell the song, even though the music is quite catchy. You have a home run here, girl! Best wishes!

Her Wings Review

Nice introduction from just the guitar, to the voice and the piano. It flows well. I like the vocal, BUT I think it would be equally impressive with the effect OFF the voice. I like the concept, the haunting sound of the vocals and the arrangement is very cool. Love ALL the strings. When U do a video, it should be really cool! Very impressive!

Her Wings by Karen O'Brien

Her Wings by Karen O'Brien is a beautiful song about compassion for someone's loss. The music is well played and Karen delivers a solid vocal performance. I think the song could have more impact with Karen's voice being more prominent in the mix with less processing. Musically, I also think the song would benefit from a more stripped down approach at the beginning and subtly building to the end. As it is, it tends to overshadow the emotion in her voice and the story. Great job, Karen!
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