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Thank you for sharing your talent... I feel blessed to know you in this life...Keep your music alive... It sounds great and I feel your heart and soul in all that you do and share with the world.... bless

Heaven Dance

Heaven Dance is A Version of the Concept...Praise Him With The Dance.. That being said This Is A Song of Praise To the Almighty, & Well Done. Any Intentional Praise Of The Almighty, "Has My Vote.".Thanks, Josh.

Good music

Your music is good keep doing the music sir because i believe the music is a mission and not a competition so keep writing good Music for the people out here in the world I like the way you composite music really classy

Heaven dance

Keeping a dance in aheaven a above this ya dance in a heaven boom keeping a aecion in a heaven above amount a rodio a the four elbest each sound a play every night hour the one dj grebriel was the entertianer

Mandosi awesome artist

Wow this reggae in world class this is world music and it feel like heaven in My Soul this is music i recomend to the world i cant wait for more of this great and wonderfull music love from Essiah Tassam


A Dread dread tune, straight from zion mountain top. crucial riddim. the lyrical content is bang on target and the musical arrangement is rock solid. If this tune takes root out there, dancehall catch a fire. The tune is hot and has a theme that most reggae followers will pick up on...Super Cat had the video style but this one here is the higher ranking, well thought out and put together. Big up....

got it

Ok, where do I start. Lets start with I like the lyrics and the music, over all it is a good song. Just keep on doing what you, you are making good music to share with the world. Looking forward to hear more of your music.
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