Jordan Hulitt / Road To Damascus / Just Believe It feat. The Messenger

REVIEW- Just Believe It feat. The Messenger

I Love It, Veru Inpirational, positive and modern vibe all the way. I hope it ill reach all the youth and anyone in desperation needing to hear a word in a way via music they will receive in alignment with their struggles. Excellent headphone, zone out to the worldly ways of confusion and frustration. The vocals and narrative and music are both OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOME. Keep up the great work. God Bless You Mightily. All Praises to TMH.


Although it is repetitive at the beginning, it is a catchy tune that gets in your head. Well done! Vocals and beats were spot on. The message of the song was very encouraging as well. Thanks for sharing this song.

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This song helps us to appreciate New Age Gospel fellowship between those who sing the gospel and those who express themselves through Gospel Hip Hop. As a instrumental composer I appreciate also the fact that there is a little Rock and Roll action going on which compliments the vocals. The singing was pretty good and the rap at the end tied in to the whole theme. The alter call and prayer made me vision hearing this song at some type of outreach or festival. I think it was a great collaboration.

just believe the review!!

this tune comes packed with hard hitting vocal snaps. it's steady and full of a good message at a good sound. comprised of clean vocals and vocal harmony, the song gets it's message thru. I liked the various sound effects. though picked up on, they were not intrusive. the blend of tones and intelligent movements into bridges and chorus as clean. the downmix is decent. I enjoyed the song and it's rhythmic intoxication. overall, I enjoyed the song and know others will as well. job well done. nice work.

Just Believe It Review

Hi Jordan. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of HipHop, but that's just me. I have always believed that a song should be a song. With that said, I had difficulties listening to the speaking parts through-out this song. I wholly endorse your message brother, and I think you have done a great job rhyming your words. You have created music is a good medium to carry your message in. Keep up the great job at getting the Gospel out in song. Many blessings brother, Trev :)
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