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Phenomenal talent and frantic beat

JLT Records' recording of "Piece by Peace" (Tanzen) is a phenomenal recording of a phenomenally talented group, playing frantic rock with family-friendly lyrics. Like the Boston-like guitar duet in the intro. The lead vocal is truly impressive. Even his screams are musical, and the harmony is tight too. Every player in the band is talented. If that is a live drummer -- and I think it is -- he is truly impressive, keeping up that machine-gun like beat throughout this longish song. The ending is tight, and it is classic rock and roll. All in all, for a record label aiming for family-friendly dance music, this is a good shot. I don't do much dancing nowadays, but even in my prime, I think the beat on this one might have been too fast for me to do more than calisthenics. But maybe today's dancers are different.


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Good music

I like your energy on Music keep doing it ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Nice Dynamics

This deserves a better recording. the drums are awesome, guitars and bass leave no holes, yet you have a great break down at about 3 minutes and 16 seconds in. nice vocals and even has a good hook. I really enjoyed the hat tipping to Eddie VanHalen too. great little guitar licks, the lead solo was really good. even though the lead solo had a lot of different styles added together it worked out very well. there were only 2 things that kept me from giving this 5 stars. the major problem was the recording quality, and the second was that it seemed to be a little longer than I would have expected because the chorus at the end seemed a bit to long but not a major problem at all. maybe 15 seconds longer than I feel it needed to be. but over all this is an awesome jam. maybe work a little bit harder on the recording mix, because it had that Ted Nugent Live sound like what was done on his double live gonzo's album. if you compare his studio sound of stranglehold to that you would see what I mean. I think you need to go for that April wine sound for recording style. it would be much cleaner and more crisp. like April wine's Nature of the beast album. maybe try using fab filters, also compression, and a very small almost none existent amount of phase on the drums really works well making the cymbals crispy and it also helps the drums mix better with the bass giving you a better mix on the foundation.but not to much so you don't make the sound of the skins pop hard with the phase. just the smallest touch does wonders. then mute the drums and bass and work on the mix of the guitar sound, and the only mix the vocals with the guitar, after that mix in the vocals and guitar to the foundation with your levels. I think if you tried this way of recording that you would be way more happy with it. I hope you don't think I don't like this tune, because I really do love this jam, but the recording is stopping the listeners from hearing the true talent of what this song brings to the table. not sure if you guys are trying to capture a live recording or if this is a studio project. it's not recorded good enough for me to tell. I do have my stereo hooked to my PC so I have very good speakers and an awesome sound card. if you are looking for a good studio, try Mixcraft 8, also for the fx and amp tones try guitar rig software. they also have a place in guitar rig that offers you a great PA FX in it as well. if you are wanting that pro recording sound that is one sure fire way to get it. this song sure does deserve the better sound. it has awesome dynamics. great in fact. peace..Joe Garrison. PS. if you want to hear my recording style listen to when wah meets delay, or to many voices. my best friend recorded no reply for me at his house. I feel I recorded better that he did, but he sang and played the drums and bass on it. I did all the guitars and wrote it it. we did it at his house but we still used guitar rig and mixcraft 8. if you check out my recording you will see how much better the mix was using my approach. either way, your song is very good ...

Fun VH-inspired track

Windsor, Ontario’s JLT Records has produced a fun & lively Van Halen-inspired track entitled Piece by Peace. The rapid double bass drum shuffle is quite good and the guitar’s pinch harmonics are on point.

Piece by Peace

This song reveals great vision! Excellent guitar and bass with superb expert playing! It is the song that is like an Anthem and A Rallying Cry from Christ to His People. I loved the riffs and the bass and percussion kept the interest and lyrics on point. I enjoyed it very much. With the sending will come peace is the message to me. I loved how you portrayed this vision of a sudden knock at the door and then more being sent and your waiting impatiently like so many others to join the fray. Great message and Great Vision portrayed in these lyrics. Thanks again JLT for another song that encourages and exhorts at the same time!

Jump on it

Kickin start nice guitars,vocals streaming and swinging.this songs ROCKS,good tag,chorus and harmonies are great,almost heard cheap trick for a second there,very good rockin tune drummer is stellar on this one good vocals,wish I could sing like that,..heh shredder your making me want to quit playing hah,yes like this song.coming up with 300 words are difficult cause I want to dance around the room.yes guys nice really nice drum fills there,and guitar everything spot on,best yet 1234 we’re off.
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