Arms of Love

Loving the groove my brother. Great Mix and Great Lyrics. The Lord is using you to keep spreading the Gospel of Love that Christ calls us to. I would really like to know what you used or where you recorded this. What tools do you use to compose as I have been using everything from Online Editors e.g. SoundTrapp to my DAW Mixcraft Pro 7.0....Please let me know if you get the opportunity and may God continue to Bless and Favor you. Craig

my thoughts

Thanks for posting your music here. GREAT mix of Jazz, Fusion, Latin and Soul. Music is tight, band is solid. The mix is good, however I would LOVE to hear this with the voices after being pitch corrected. Nothing major, just some spots that need a little help. I had a HUGE problem using it on my stuff, but after hearing the final product it was more than worth it. And EVERYBODY does it. I mean EVERYBODY. Im going to assume you wrote the song, I would work a little bit on enuncation, just to bring the words more to the front for clarity in listening. Thanks again and GOD BLESS.

Tribal Praise

Nice track, I like the intro with the tribal drums. Overall whole project is on point. Vocals really carry the song. The female background vocals were a nice touch, I can really hear the passion in your voice. Good job!!

Creative and heartfelt

J. Hanson's recording of "Arms of Love" gets high marks for creativity and heartfelt worship. The lead singer has an inviting and friendly voice. The song starts quiet, with just synthetic percussion, inventively structured, with just a touch of piano and synthetic strings back in the mix, and gradually builds to include bass and synthetic wind chimes. The melody and the overall sound are free-flowing and endlessly inventive. The sweet and well-executed female countermelody that begins about a minute in is a nice surprise, and the harmonies in the female vocal are sophisticated and well-delivered. When I close my eyes, I am transported to the pool at the base of a beautiful waterfall. There are occasional pitch problems in the lead vocal, and a few questionable note choices in the bass line, but not enough of a problem to block the sweetness of God's love from shining through. All the best to these artists as they continue to develop their own unique sound.

Dawan just loves this music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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