Top quality instrumental music

"Pour l'amour des miens" is an excellent track of instrumental music recorded by Jean-Pierre Chatagny - Magma T that mixes good guitar timbres with disturbing themes. Good production, good mix and great guitar technique are also part of this piece. I would like to congratulate you for presenting songs in a different and original concept. Keep the good working! Rock On!

"Eihwaz" for your ears

I find this a bit strange piece of music, but it has lots of good moments. I Like how the intro goes and when you have a high expectations what is coming... Structure is good enough and it has variety to keep attention. Good thing is to have a kind of highlight close to an end. Sound side is good and all instruments have a good balance also mixing is done very well. It sounds great also with good speakers! It rocks. I choose songs into radio station play. Normally instrumental music or very little singing in it are not chosen to airplay on mainstream station. But this has something to offer for rock audience. If this song is offered to our rotation I would give it a chance you should check this out too. Marcos/ FinnRadioFM


What is music with out beat, feelings, and emotions, coming together into an sound that for whatever reason causing you to relate. Makes you, takes you, and sometimes create you. Loves it... Magic in

sound is nice

music itself is asking for very intensive singing, from my point of view. But probably it was planed that way - more theatrical then pure rock song. Anyway the idea itself & performance is very good. Don't like the singing part but it's more matter taste I guess. Good luck

Love the odd time!

You don’t hear too many musicians nowadays playing in odd time, like 6/8 or 7/8 and with such finesse. Great guitar work, nice vibe to the song as well. When the whispering started it kind a give this song a really eerie feeling which worked with it well. I could totally hear this song behind a suspenseful mystery type movie on the big screen. I truly appreciate the musicianship here! Awesome job my friend! Keep up the great work!


This is Very Nice I hear it 2 times..i just wish the Vocal part be much more stronger after all it is a Song not an Instrumental Music ( if You by any chance will make an Instrumental from The Theme from this Song You need to make a bigger arrangement ) Try to send it to Radio Stations and let's see what They will say.. but to Me ..this is not Your Best Song...( yes I listen some of them )..Music Publishers are very hard to please ..I wish You good Luck with pitching.. Good Job..
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