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Nice bass!

Great track with high energy...these guys have some talent. Good vibes on this track. Very cool album cover..looks very professional. Please keep making music and take some risks...great stuff!

Good Sound

Contagious all the way from start to finish, really enjoyed listening to the song, it is a definite club banger. Awesome collaboration to bring out a massive production. Much success keep up the good sounds.


Has a nice groove, very bouncy I love that. I think you need to build it much more at (I can't tell where I am in the track on NumberOneMusic), I click and the timer does not move lol. But man, yah I think bigger builds never hurt, think big. Get the emotion building and slowly climax that sheet man. I like it.

Sin aliento...

Comienza como si de un despertador del silencio se tratase, con todo... Sin un segundo de respiro. Toda una muy buena intención de proponer un tema muy original y lleno de calidad. Sin ser un estilo habitual que suelo escuchar, si consigue llamar la atención de los oídos, gracias a su intensa energía esa tan característica de este tipo de estilo musical, y unos buenos arreglos de cada pista musical,sintetizadores, bases rítmicas... Destacar que la voz masculina que acompaña le añade un tono más épico a la canción.

Review of jamasta a

Hi it's k from the dance music connection and I have just listen to your track bang it. It's a great track that will rock any club or stadium a proper banger as they say. You keep up the good work. And if you have time check out my house track enter the groove by the dance music connection on iTunes best port junodownlod etc.

Jam It Is!

First lets start by saying this track has lots of NRG, a floor banger. I like the bright sounds and sample loop with its build ups and break downs. please release different mix downs of Jamaster A .its a Jam!

Jamster A - Got the Goods

Jamster A has superbly produced Dope beats... the effects of which are Club/Dance ready-to-GO! It's Trance -repetitive, so you may not notice, as the music and the beat carries you upward very subtly, all the while creating subliminal feelings of joyfulness. I listened a couple of times trying to decide if the limited lyrics served the purpose of the song. Have to say... yes they do. Wishing you the best, of good fortune with your music.

Heavy Bass Line

Loving This Track With It's Heavy Bass Line & It's Reggae Vocal Sample , Catchy , You Did Good Work On This , I Think Honestly You Should Submit This To Songtrader , TV & Film Can Use A Track Like Yours , Well Done

Don't Sweet It!

Hard Edge Industrial start this Techno-house composition that transition to a vocal glitch-based groove and percussion groove. The soundscape is filled with more hard edge beats and Electro-sounds that ensure that the listeners and dance floor will be filled and pleased with what they are hearing. The mix is very well and professionally executed and the arrangement is exactly what is required by this genre. Excellent JOB! :)
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