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Great track

This is a great track. The beginning is very powerful and I like the way you prepare the launch. This is well produced and the beat and the bass are working fine. I would maybe end up the track with even more power, putting a heavier kick and heavy snare together with some high hats. But this is just a suggestion. Anyway, this is an excellent production.


interesting song: l love the introduction its much more powerful & put you into dancing mode. This is type of song that can work well on a parties or probably club bangers. Thank you for sharing with us this inspiring piece of art & may you keep on updating us with brand new content. New Fan GZ Worldchanger

Good Joint

Your Music is amazing very progressive EDM particularly this track it will do wonders on the dance floor very urbanized trend from effects sub-effects to hits/hats/snares and bass!well mixed balanced keep up the good work! all best happy festive season!


Explosive and down to the point , the builds are perfect and the drops keep you on your toes. Definitely could hear this on the radio or played in the club. I love the triplets with the dubby wobble fx, and the melody is great! My style of music and will be checking this page out!


Killer bass and drums knocks you rite out from the beginning,very industrial, kool skips and stance percussive sounds. Lots of sampled sounding riffs and deep chanting vocals makes this track very powerful.the song starts out very powerful, blends toward the climax and has a killer knock out ending a very entertaining track indeed. The track never boars me it's exciting from beginning to the very end way to cool. A+


Very nice love the beat love the Rhythm. Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot..... Good luck hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

Love It

thank you for allowing me to review the music I really like Your Song Ellie bangin track well creative well put together well written continue Michelle music continue to send me music so I can review and listen to. Continue to go to the next level never be afraid to shine never be afraid to share with your music worldwide all over the globe. Have a wonderful day and thank you again for sharing your music and may God bless you and all that you go to doing create.

Sounds amazing

Muy buena pista , me encantan los sonidos que has creado , muy buen juego de voces y sobretodo una mezcla inmejorable , lista para enviar al estudio a masterizar. Un fuerte abrazo y sigue así.

Born to kill

The track is dope is just has alot going on at the same time the sample is alittle over kill, but it's a club banger is turn the sample down some and it's a go I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.....

At It's Best

Good vibes, good beat, good sound, and great quality. This song all around has the spark and crisp sound with contagious groovy synths. I really enjoyed listening to this song and give it five stars.

Just Right

This track has all the pieces to the puzzle, the drops in the rhythm are great and well placed, the vocals are just right as well. Only one thing, remixes it deserves more tracks different styles for different djs to choose from, you got a gem on your hands let it shine!

The Groove

This track has a nice deep groove. I feel the dubstep side to it, has a nice BPM. The kick sounds good, my closest friend in EDM works with Fedde Le Grand, when mastering a production they listen to the track on a cell phone, if you can get it to sound good on such a device.. once it is then played on a regular full sound system the final mastering has an amazing sound. This is a great track. I would say the first 1/3 of the track should have a increasing energy and some sort of a break. I think only the timing is off, the theme is great as well!

Big Beats & Dubstep

Heavy beats with a dark Motif start off this composition that is filled an expansive soundscape that continues through the entire song. The musical elements fill the entire sonic and frequency spectrum with modern and retro sounds that ensure that the track has a big beat sound. This provides a foundation for all of the additional sounds throughout and ensure that people will be on the dance floor. The mix and arrangement are well executed!

review of jamaster a

hi this it k from the dance music connection hear and am hear reviewing your track, and i gotta say its a proper banger not for the faint hearted, great production great tune just great all around, this is the kind of track that will blow up ibiza and all the festivals, the top dj,s will be playing this, all i can say is keep up the good work.


Once Again , You've Surprised Me , You Need To Start Making Music Videos , Because Everyone Is Asking , Congratulations On This Track , Speaking Of Which , Have You Finished Or Working On Your Album ?
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