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Wow, what a voice!!! Great story.... Let me start over by saying in this world it seems that the leaders always have problems with backseat driving. Yet the truth is only known to the leaders. But once that direction is clear. Fair whether friends, come from everywhere. Congratulations Jackie. The biggest service in life is not to let them take whom you are. Thanks Magic



Dawan just loves this music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

her weaponry of skills goes beyond expectations. Often, people mistakenly look at her as a rare cutie pie, and even though her candy rapper, is Lovely to admire, in her heart and fascination she remains with R&B as a Queen. Her vocal skills are dazzling, exciting, spontaneous, and down right fantastic. Words alone can't express what this young woman can do for the soul. She is the Goddess of R&B/SOUL DAWAN

Drown in ma sound

Hi dear your music so great I'm happy to have listened to your tracks. So amazing voice with cool sweet melody. U inspire me with this genre and keep up doing this u do music very best. Thank you

A Song of Inspiration

Jackie Marie i absolutely love the sound of your voice. it adds a lovely character to the overall song. i do believe that the song would benefit from adding a bass guitar to the production. and although a drum loop has its place, i would suggest that, instead of the drum loop staying the same throughout the song, a few well placed drum fills, say right before the choruses, would help the listener better distinguish between the verses and the chorus. i thought you did a really good job with the vocal ad-libs on the last chorus.

I like it!

Thank you for your beautiful soul, R&B, relaxing music. The number sounds very great. Go on like this. It is a pleasure to listen to. This performance was great to listen to and I appreciate it very much! Thank you for sharing your music.

ChiLouGoHard's Review

Keep it up don't stop no matter what. Keep God first at all times. Be kind/inter act with ur fans as often as possible. Accept the good with the bad. I'm also an songwriter/hiphop /r&b/poet/rap artist so I know how it is and what works. 1 love #ChiLouGoHard

I Love It

Jackie Marie has a beautiful voice that's strong and full.The beat grabs you and takes on a beautiful ride with Jackie Marie as she sings "Drown In My Sound" This lady sets the mood right with this song*****STARS

Nice melody.

Nice melody,,,. Very relaxing with the thunder storm in the background. I can honestly say I've never heard that in a song before. It's unique. I really dig the story as well. Only the strong survive .

Hi Nice song

This song is so dope, def one of my favorites from you. Continue to impress us with your timeless style. You can check my work at erfmanbeats .com i have some exclusive beats here if you need them. Regards Erfman Beats

Nice and easy to Listen to :-)

Nice and easy to Listen to :-) Very good production, although i would have loved to have heard more structural background instruments... The Vocals are believable and wish the lightning effects were more in the back of the mix... Nice job... enjoyed it :-)
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