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Not bad

I like your sound I think with some polishing you may have something great! . Think the intro was alittle long, I really could make out what the lyrics was. Add a cgsbge upnin middle of song. All n all I like it just polish it up!

Review of after today

This is not a bad effort. The song has a good flow. The vocalist has a nice tone and so do the harmonies of the backing tracks. There are moments however when the two don't blend due to a little pitchyness. The biggest problem this song has though is in the mix. The tones of the guitar and the symbols get lost in each other's frequencies. It is very difficult to enjoy the drums since the guitar overpowers them, and it's clear the drums put in a performance that should be heard more prevalent than they are. As far as arrangements go the ending is the weakest spot and could use a little more work


I really like the song and the music and the title of your song stay creative and motivated you make really good music I hope this been helpful for you if you have any other music I would like to hear them have a blessed day and a safe weekend.

High Expressions - After Today

After Today by San Diego's High Expressions is a high energy power pop track the child of bands such as the Ramones, Blink 182 and Cheap Trick. The rhythm is driven by a heavy power chord guitar and driving bass and drums. The vocals are typically Southern California and the track makes for a great beer drinking anthem on a beach in sun soaked Southern Califorinia. This is the first track I have heard by this band but I will be looking for more.

Great song Guys

Hi,I am TompazJam from Sweden and got stuck:)on this awesome rocksong you´ve made&produced-sounds live and real deal to me-wishing the best ahead on the winding music road-greets&cheers/TJ

after today

this song sounds underground and a bit like pop punk lyrically the theme is a bit repetitive and could do with some expansion the recording is kind of rough around the edges and would benefit from a studio production the guitars and bass and drums need to drive forward an idea like this with each part adding to the overall song I mean even the sex pistols with their raw sound live needed to produce their songs in a studio with a producer to sound great on record you have to do the same " guys "

Production could better

Having achorus a smain theme is always a good idea to hav a song thaat keeps ringing in the head. This chorus has surely the potential of itching the brain, but the production of the song could be better.

After today it could be better

Not that I mind grinding guitars but in this song they seems to bury the vocals. This may be an issue with the mix. A lot of the instruments along with the vocal are in the mid range and are not separated properly to allow the listener to become really involved in the song. I think, though, that the band is quite tight and with a bit of mix tweeking the song would carry a lot better.

Review of 'After Today'

Like the idea and concept but the execution needs a little tweak. too many vocal layers making it sound a little out of tune...could be something that you could work out with a remix but in all those vocal layers there's a few flat or out of tune ones and they ruin the overall effect. Guitars and drums are full on from the start and don't give up until the last note, maybe a few stops and starts or a breakdown might help with the dynamics a little, give the ear a slight rest and make it more interesting, simple to do but works really well. Not bad though...keep 'em coming!
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    Christmas Home Studio Concert

    United States, California, San Diego, 16505
    When Christmas comes around the corner High Expressions will be there to celebrate the holiday season by performing our first full album concert for Facebook Live!
    When Christmas comes around the corner High Expressions will be there to celebrate the holiday season by performing our first full album concert for Facebook Live! less
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