High Expressions / Various / Cause I'm Not Alone


This song is a fun party song and I can see it perfectly at a college or poolside party. It reminds me of my earlier days so much! The lyrics are simple but the vocal melody is catchy so it works. Love it.


I think it's dope! It has a professional sound and quality production. The song and track have presence and the lyrics and subject matter are ideal in bringing the track and the song together cohesively but I think it needs to be recorded slightly better as far as the mixing & recording of the vocals and the mixing & mastering of the track itself + the overall mixing & mastering of the recording as a whole. I can hear this song on an album,a soundtrack,in a club,on the radio,see a video being shot or see the song being performed. Drought Hustla

Addition by Subtraction

I really enjoyed listening to the song, "Cause I'm Not Alone", by the High Expressions...very catchy, with a decidedly reggae feel - very upbeat and energizing. The horn parts are just the right additional piece to add to the puzzle. All of the individual parts work great...individually - so, my two-cents worth piece of advice is simply that you need to remember to leave room for the dynamics of the song to be able to thrive...in other words, sometimes, instead of turning up an instrument you cannot hear, or isn't cutting through on your mix loudly enough - instead of turning THAT instrument UP even more, you should consider the theory of "Addition by Subtraction"...which simply means that sometimes to make something LOUDER, you need to make other instruments LESS loud...it's not an easy concept, because we all LOVE each of our parts when recording...but, you need to look at the GREATER NEED - the end result of your recording...which, is your SONG! My advice is that you're already writing good songs - very good songs...do yourself a service and take the extra steps and time when mixing to allow your listeners (which are hard enough to come by, right?) to more easily enjoy the parts. Look at the different parts of your song (and by parts, I mean "instruments") like "actors and actresses" walking out on the stage - give them their space, and then let them "retire" to the background of the song...the sophisticated ears of your listeners will still hear the individual parts, although they are more blended within the song. It's not an easy lesson to master...but you should try it for the sake of your songs...and your valued listeners!

I find more very good today all day enjoyed it party harn

Your album all day enjoyed more very good songs my friend too more very good today all day enjoyed full some my friend keep sing album iam amazed to hear beautiful songs make me enjoyed

Nice voice

Yeah, what should i see about this song. The voice is pretty good and sounds steady in the music. I'll think its a bit to long, make it shorter or do some varias thing whit it what makes the music more interesting, The voice sounds good and gives me the idee that i'm listening to the singer of UB40. The music should be recorded better. It doesn't matter whit what "i prefer a tape recorder". I hear a keyboard and its sound to general midi, i'll think you could use a midi keyboard and a compterprograme like Proppelerhead reason or something whit cubase, much more better sounds.

Nice and Upbeat

Cause I'm Not Alone is a wonderful song, the music is sure to get you up and moving a nice solo simple but keeps the song moving nice vocals but maybe some more lyrics would be nice to really get the point across, but i get what you are trying to do with the song. Overall a nice Reggae song and it will hold up well with other songs in this genres keep up the good work looking forward to hearing more from this artist


Definitely a sweet Reggae sound and I really like the lyrics. It definitely caught my attention at first, but I feel like it may have drawn on for a little too long in the beginning. I feel like a change in the direction of the song was needed. But the overall progression is well done. I think if another change or twist in the song was there, you'd guys have a really great piece. But all in all nicely done!


Not bad... Something different.that's what music is about...a little more lyrics needed but good effort overall...can't wait to hear other things from you ... The rhythm could be more authentic, but nice job otherwise...


I don´t love reggae very much, but is a decent song, in the genre. The lead guitar had too much distortion for me, the mix it´s strange, but it´s not a bad song. You could work more in the structure of the song :)

Nice dancing music

Nice dancing music it will keep you rocking I felt the joy in this one nice to play in parties and also live events good idea I must say and I hope you invented many more , all the best for the future

Big song

Style and versatility, plus good argument.. song well arrange... loving the production we need more songs like these... looking forward to hear more music for you...Respect to the fullest... big artist..

I like it!

I believe this is based on Ska? Sounds so cool. I love the sound it all. From the very beginning, it makes you happy, and want to dance. I do wish I could hear the vocals a little better. Still very good song. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Edward Westbrook


guitar too loud... can't hear the voice well enough but I like the music ---------------------------......................................................................................................................I'd love to hear the words but the guitar is overpowering... too aggressive for my liking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What else can I say? Hey... you're cool !!!

Secret Rival Music

The beat is wonderful but you need the lyrics to bring it to the forefront of the public. Overall, you have to find a leading song which will last for years to keep that beat going for years.

Kind of Alone

Great to hear music from local musicians in San Diego. The recording sounds very "electronic" and in today's industry with technology available, this is not necessarily a selling point. The harmony is pleasant and fun. I'd like to write more, but the song doesn't capture a ton of range for additional commentary.
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    When Christmas comes around the corner High Expressions will be there to celebrate the holiday season by performing our first full album concert for Facebook Live! less
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