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Smooth, Funky and Pure Soulful Blues

I really love this track! The silky smooth vocals are packed full of emotion and the musical arrangement is pure blues. It has delicious instrumental parts and sassy female backing vocals in all the right places. This is a modern blues song with an old blues flavour. Overall it's a smooth, groovy, slightly funky and a really fun song. I really enjoyed listening thank you and well done!

Not what I was expecting...

This tune got some serious funk going on. I used to stand outside the Peppermint Lounge in NY when I was a kid and wish I could play this stuff. Nicely done. I would listen to this again.Thanks for posting.

smooth and soulful

i like reveiws to be short and sweet, so my title pretty much says it all, but in order for to be able to read just the title i have to add another 0ne-hundred-and 50 more characters, without commented on the idividual qualities


Hello Grady Lark. Stranglehold I like the style it reminds me of James Brown! With a beautiful Blues voice that makes us dream. I wish you many concerts. Happy New Year in Music Your friend . Daniel D "INITIALS DD"Stranglehold

Great job

Love the vocals on this peace. I always appreciated a live band sound that gets place jumping. My father use to take me to his gigs back in the day and that I can never get enough of the live sound.


This is a good song, However the recording seems like it has to many filters used. Everything sounds good as far as the music is concern. But the recording is a little ruff. The Sax should of been a Alto not tenor, because it seems to get lost in the music on ad libs.

I'm Choking at this one

We wonder what they're putting in the Coffee over in Houston, Stranglehold starts off bluesy and there's a bit of titillating sax then the real business starts when the guitar comes in with some impressive playing. There's female backing vocals which really compliment the track and I know what it takes to get that good on the old blues axe so hands up for Grady on this one, great stuff and keep them coming, voice is good too.

Great Song

Great Writing!! Who ever did the beat did a great job. I hope you the next time you write an album you include me in it. I like the way this song works. I hope you get positive reviews on this, and again great job!

Painful tosh

I really cannot imagine anybody wanting to hear this awful mish-mash of irritating sounds but then I don't much appreciate Rap music either. Even with the volume turned right down, it does not get any better. Having said that, Mr Lark could probably do really well with a more suitable song with music containing some semblance to a tune. I like the girl. She really gives it a go.
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