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Your thoughts and comments will be much appreciated The Rainbow Bridge Your thoughts and comments will be much appreciated The Rainbow Bridge Your thoughts and comments will be much appreciated The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

Hello! When I was young, I liked to listen the music of William Jackson. Your track made me remember these moments. Thanks. But now, as guitarist and piper, this kind of new age is too much synthetic to me. I need to listen true instruments even they are very nice emulated like yours. But, you play fine, sure!


I LIKE what I'm hearing..this is a Good Music for Meditations somewhere ..high in The Mountains.. did You take and inspiration from Peruvian Folk Music.. hearing it make You feel like go to Heaven and Stars.. it is Sad and Happy same time.. I see You put Your Heart in to..I like that.. to bad that the Music Market is very limited but there are People who will Like to hear a Concert in New Age Store.. or some College Radio Stations .. I hope That You be able to found a Music Publisher who will take it to Theirs catalog.. I wish You good luck with pitching.. GOOD JOB.. I really like it..I will listen more of Your Music..

Beautiful and Poignant

Time for another review and todays lucky recipient is Mr. Frank O Connor and his ambient piece "The Rainbow Bridge". Every once and a while I like to go outside my normal listening paradigm and listen to something completely different. Most people probably do not know this but I have a guilty pleasure for new age instrumental music, I think it started with my love for one of the originators of the genre, Kitaro. The irony of course is not lost on my that this track has many similarities to Mr. Kitaro's. Let's get into this review. This is a classic new age kind of piece with a droning harmonic chord progression. Long periods of time are spent on just one chord as the melody, played by the iconic shakuhachi and sometimes a Celtic tin whistle if I'm not mistaken. Every so often the droning is altered by a progression proper where both instruments play in unison creating a lush and emotive crescendo of sorts, beautifully engaging the listener. The melody proper is probably one of the standout aspects of the song, it's familiar but not, it weaves and undulates like a gentle wind. I love the subjective nature of the track, your mind weaves a panoramic tapestry that only enhances the appeal of the song, I saw myself on the Cliffs of Dover over looking the sea, I wonder what you will see when you listen to this gorgeous piece of music. This would not be a proper review of course without some critiquing and therefore here are some very light suggestions in my humble opinion that would help serve the track even more. The recording itself is pretty good, the production is top notch. Every instrument is represented proper within the context of the mix so there in no issue there. The issue in my opinion is the lack of supplementary instruments to help enrich the underlying harmonic structure. The track relies heavily of this synth type pad but I'm hearing orchestral parts there, subtle shifts in the harmony to create more tension and release. The track is about 9 minutes long therefore there has to be more elements to keep the listener engaged. The song in of itself is beautiful by nature but it lacks enough variation to keep the listeners attention clearly focused for the entire duration. I think the biggest improvement that could be made is with the long droning parts. This was a perfect opportunity to elevate the harmony and create a further juxtaposition between said harmony and the melody, which is fine as is. Overall, I really like this track and thought it was pretty killer through and through but with a little more messaging this could be an incredible piece of music. Well done Mr. O Connor, as Dubya would have said, Mission Accomplished! Christopher Carrion XXX

Review - Frank O Connor - The Rainbow Bridge

Okay Frank, let me be frank... lol I like the over all melodies of this song, I like the sounds chosen for the instrumentation. The song has a peaceful vibe. However, No offense intended... but this song is way, way too long for what is actually going on during the song. It gets too repetitive I could not focus on the whole 9 mins. There is no lead instrumentation to keep me locked in to the song. also the dynamics throughout the song don't really change much. so the musical voyage just goes around in circles and never really leads me anywhere. my two cents, Cheers! Del Leon

Inner Peace

This was so relaxing I drifted off. I love flute and the gentle layers of music as it washed over me, Excellent music for meditation or hypnosis especially as it has some familiar faded melodies lurking within that you are pleasant.

Good relaxation!!

If you have ha very stressfull day with a lot of negative thougts, I recomend you to listen to this beatifull peace of music. It´s also good for listening and chillin out. This music reminds me about some of the instrumental tracks form Mike Oldfield and Yanni. Very beatyfull music with electronic and acustic instruments blended together in a beautifull way.

Chilled Ambience I like it

Perfect this takes me to the kungfu age when one is meditating doing kungfu stretches and this sound puts one in his comfort zone. Kinda relaxing also giving one a free mind. The instruments they way they sync its like it was done by a Chinese studio, this sound is rare and would like to say keep this coming your talent is unique and different

Great music/production, mediocre mix/mastering

Good use of instruments and effects, liked the melody in the occasions it pops, although generally it feels very monotonous. Definitely brought me back to my New Age highschool days where I'd listen to Oliver Shanti for hours. The poor mix takes away from the experience for me, the background effects sometimes overpower the main melody instead of compliment it. Also the lack of actual structure to the track was disappointing, as if the track just arbitrarily ends instead of being actually over.


nature, flute pan, birds and beautiful music to frame a beautiful painting. your music is truly meditative and open imagination ... for a moment I felt among the native Indians.. excellent work

The rainbow Song

I really loved your beautiful song. You have done an amazing job. I loved everything about it, It sounded natural and made me feel relaxed and peaceful.The pan pipes/flutes gave a lovely warm atmosphere and I loved the way this carried the melody line with all the other sounds mixed in so well.Excellent Ambient/New Age music to unwind to.


Of big spaces, a distant horizon, soft hills, some old stone houses, on the West, the big ocean. A very beautiful music which brings us full of images in head. Very Irish, this composition. I like it very much!

Frank O Connor My Review!

Hello Frank first I want to say this song is so pretty its one of those types of songs you can listen to over and over really smooth easy on the ears keep up the great work you are very talented I think you have a really great tune for a film score or the big screen I will be looking forward to hearing other great tunes from you I hope what

The Rainbow Song review

The great eclectic ethnic character. Sacred flutes tones over mystic pads enforces the ethnic character of this track. The mix balance is not perfect but this doesn't disturb the listeners. I like the idea of this track.

absolutely great tune

Frank, nice play! very nice harmonies. would perfectly fit to an ambient/new age radio station. The background recordings creating a nice atmosphere. Its nicely setup, the flow of the tunes are very calming. I assume this is played live recording, or otherwise you are computer freak, as this sounds very natural and pro. good work! I actually could listen this in full - probably the first time on this site :) gave a nice high score as deserved.
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