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The song really brings me back to my clubbing days in New York City. I love the tempo and the song really had me grooving to start off my Friday. Continue to thrive to success and good luck and all the best in your endeavors


The very cool disco sound reminded me of Cher a fresh blast from a time when music was glorious and artists had their own persona that separated them from the other like Michael Jackson, Prince and of course Cher. The distortion on the vocal gives a pleasant sound to my ear.

A throwback to the great 90's !!

Nice track. It has the touch of the nineties. This song is great for spending an evening bringing on good memories of those nice and crazy years filled with joy, fun and partying with friends. It is also an energetic song for working, It really puts me in the move, even when I don't want to do anything lol! The vocals are appropriate for the rhythm along with the special effects to it. The lyrics are ok, although I would it prefer a different ending.

Review of "I'll Keep Hanging on For Love"

This track is very positive, i very much enjoyed listen to it. The synth sounds are well balanced, and the track has very much retro 80's style over it. Which i love, since i am born 1965, i was out a lot on the dancefloors during the 80's :). What i will remember mostly from this track is the bass line, which is very cool and uplifting. Also the lyrics / vocals are great :) /Anders, Sweden

I'll Keep Hanging On For Love Review

I'll Keep Hanging On For Love Review, The beat is awesome. It is retro and your song story plot is strong. Love how you keep hitting all the right notes. It's a very pretty song. If anything I would say double up or add in you chorus feel when you do your chorus. Keep it up!

The Greatest Game in Town

Arpeggios initiate this 90's styled techno composition that then rapidly transitions to the vocal the verse and chorus and instrumental bridge section. The vocal melody is catchy and is well performed. The mix is even throughout the entire track and the arrangement does all of the necessary things. This would benefit from some backing vocals and counter melodies to expanded the overall soundscape. I also would update the sound a bit with more organic samples to have a less MIDI sound.


Nice Piano Intro , Strong , But Soft Vocals , Good Instrumental Between The Vocals , Would Love Hear This As A Release Or Your Work Featured In TV Or Film , But This Need A Music Video ASAP , Good Work

Review for I'll keep hanging on

Hi this is the dance music connection and I have just reviewed your track I'll keep hanging on I like it. It's not really a dance or end track I still like it they is something about the singer I like this track could do with a remix something lije a house remix to bring out the vocals. A bit lije every thing but the girl track from a few years ago missing you or something like that . Any way you keep up the good work. And if you have time please check out our music on iTunes and best port and all world wide download and streaming sites. Cheers.
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