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Una gran melodía...

La melodía expresa perfectamente las intenciones, con cierto misterio, con ese sonido juguetón y al a vez intrigante muy apropiado a su título, nos hace imaginarnos perfectamente una fiesta de brujas, con la dificultad que lleva poder imaginar sólo con música, esta melodía lo consigue. Los arreglos de cada instrumento son todos brillantes, no destacamos ninguno porque todos están a una altura artística considerable. Una gran melodía.

Witch's Brew - Review

Appropriately named. Some nice effects for a good Halloween melody. There is a number of nice fund sounds that give it that haunting feeling. I would imagine kids out trick or treating as they approach the house to give the trick or treater's more of a trick than a treat or a treat if that is the intent. This is a nice simple melody more on the light effect side. What would add would be more real voices of course most can't through together a choir. Otherwise a fun piece of music. Thank you again for asking me to review your music. All the best!

Nice holiday-themed music

New York’s Erik-Peter Mortensen has composed a fun piece of Halloween (or even later holidays) music that would fit nicely on an animated and/or advertising soundtrack. The track is well-produced.

Creativity, an easy way for who knows...

Once again Mortensen found a creative and interesting way for expressing his talent. Tracks like this are not only pleasant because of bringing a light atmosphere but also providing new insights by revisiting deep sensations hiden somewhere in our personal experiences. Congrats once more! Always a good surprise!

Create your own journey

The composition Witches Brew by Erik-Peter Mortensen begins with a quick and easy to listen sound. The mysty singing let you open your mind for what you see in the movie, maybe the camera goes over an abandoned place to an old and dusty house, where the witches inside meet do to their brew and nobody knows. The black cat sits on the sideboard and outside the ravens shout. As you hear the witch laugh the brew is ready to be brought to the recipient. This composition takes you on a journey and surrounds your upcoming thoughts to a great experience. Enjoy listening and create your own movie inside of you, this music is the invitation for it. Enjoy listening and have always good thoughts on your mind. the cows


Fantastic , I love the storm aspect and other effects that are a part of this song ! This is perfect for on long drive and just time alone. I KNOW THAT IT IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY,but will share with others .
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