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Great track

Great song love the tone keep pushing i can see u moving far in this industry keep up the great work keep bringing out more songs/hits like this one so awesome dope music , a very good flow and a good feathers and that you deserve to be known. very good technic. I will share your works with my entourage to discover your works and talents to win more people, the world and fans. I w

Music quality...

Hi there, your music is good, really suits a western movie so to say. Maybe you should put more weight on the arrangement to make it a little bit more dramatic in a sense. But otherwise it's a good listening stuff. Keep it up.

Lost 70's theme

Hello again, well I wasn't expecting that. Only because it's so different from your other material that I've listened to. Good thing about it is that it's short and sweet so you don't have time to lose attention. Like it a lot. Well done something different. Now you just need to find the show to go with the music.

What cop show is this from?

Sounds like a 70's cop show theme as you suggested with your title. This is very well played. Good vibe with a positive spirit as you play this tune. Nice intro and mood all the way to the end. I like the keyboard and your sound is very professional. This theme could easily be used in an old Charlie's Angel's series or even a Barnaby Jones or a John Wayne movie. I can see him and his cowboys riding the range as you play! Good job!

Lost 70's TV Theme

WoW!!! what a flashback!!! well put together and mixed, Erik-Peter Mortensen has done a wonderful job in recording this 70's theme song, after hearing it, i think you will agree also!!! Thank You!!! Semaj.


This is a very nice piece but I imagine the lawyers for dynasty will have a field day! When I first heard this was minded of big shoulder pads and big hair, oil fields and JR. Very nice, but not overly original

Lost 70's TV Theme

I think this a great arrangement. This song would definitely fit well into a 70's TV Theme. Also, i think the song would do well with a western tv series, or movie. I think the arrangement was done very well. Terry Lee Jenkins Bouncermusicmix

Symphony orchestra

This compilation of theme set to a dance track is a great idea. It is tastefully done and brings you back where you can hear very realistic sounds of a french horn, symphony strings and many other actual onstruments. Great job !
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