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Great song

Nice song love the lyrics and creativity keep pushing stay motivated and stay focus and you will go far i can see you moving up in this industry so keep up with the greatness... Also please visit my page and listen to my newest single "House Party" also dont forget to share and recommend please Thanks


When this piece of music started playing I instantly knew it was going to be something to remember. The melodies that intertwined moved superbly together, the contrary motion going on brought the song all together. If this fantastic song writing doesn’t make it into some film score soon I would be completely surprised. I am a superhero fan and could hear this in an upcoming movie right now!!! Extremely impressed with this masterpiece!!

Hello Erik-Peter Mortensen

Here is my review when it come to movie scores anything to do with tv as far as I am concern you got it beat on the other hand every movie company and record label should be calling sir you are very good at what you do keep up the great work that you do I will be looking forward to hearing more great music from you from James Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross/Music Group/UMG.

Hero's Quest... Amazing

What can i say?... Lovely guitar arrangements, armonies with flamenco's influence and classical orquestation... Really beautiful song, i love the minor-major change at the end, really powerfull end, i would love include myself with electric guitar solos (lol)

Hero's Quest

A great musical composition with classical Spanish overtones and flavor that calls to mind the Southwest of North America and Mexico. A worthy piece to be considered as a soundtrack for a film. Great percussion keeps it moving and the story unfolding in this epic instrumental noteable for it's beautiful expression of the string section. Very inspiring and calls to mind the beauty of the Southwest Scenery of these beautiful places.

Very unique

This is a very unique and classic and classy song well composed and well put together and thank you for sharing your gift and at anytime I would love to hear more of your music keep on making great music and never stop creating have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

Should be in a movie already!

Great Movie Score! I like all of the ideas you have, especially starting out with the acoustic guitar. That's a really good element that you can enhance on. I think you moved forward to fit everything into 2min and I would love to hear this drawn out and build slowly but I'm sure you wanted to keep the listener engaged and condense it while expressing all of your ideas. I know a Flamenco player that would love to do something like this and include a solo or a variation to this that runs the same theme but remains more subtle for different parts of the "movie". Great piece!

Nice soundtrack

New York Composer Erik Peter-Mortensen has written a soundtrack piece entitled Hero’s Quest. The work would be appropriate in a wide range of video games. The piece features soaring brass accompanied by chorus and surrounding orchestra.
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