Elliott Ranney / Various / Bellevue Shuffle

Nice Easy Listening

Very nice sound with a soft swing feel. The solos were well contained and clearly stated. There were no surprises that made me stop and think. I found the relaxed fluidity to be reassuring.

Bellevue Shuffle Review- Robert Meloccaro

Love what you do Elliott ! I love the articulation on the guitar. I assume this is a original composition Is This done with a band or is this a composition that you tracked all the instruments ? Either way very good your choice of melodic twist and turns in your improvisation is wonderful along with the rhythmical motifs are polished.Phrasing is excellent it leads you on a interesting jazz journey. Pleasure taking the ride - Robert Meloccaro

Music for a scenic drive

Bellevue Shuffle is a wonderfully crafted tune. It provides a beautiful backdrop for your wandering mind. I enjoyed the instrumentation and balance. Kudos to the musicians who arranged this piece. I highly recommend the numberonemusic family to listen and enjoy!

relaxed review

I really love the vibe, and especially enjoyed the violin inclusion midway through the song I feel a harmonica or woodwind instrument could be included, prehaps replacing the whistle. When the first 4 barres came in i was drawn then the whistle cut across maybe it was I just didn't expect it. Lovely rhythmn and bass easy could find a home in a movie or short film. the guitar is nice and mellow thanks for posting.

Beautiful song

I like this song and this feeling.. Congratulations for the great work, the violinist is very good and the guitar to I am a singer jazz love this music. Merry Christmas for you At good luck

Whistling Jazz Elliott

A whistled intro makes this instrumental stand out from the first moment. Jazzy guitar and a Stephan Grapellish violin sail on top of a drumkit played with brushes , a touch i personally like. The whistler and violin trade fours and the ending leaves you wanting more.

Nice andd Melodic!1

Wow...what a great song. The texture of the song really brings out the sensitivity of the instruments and the balance of the mix is well articulated. The talent is so obvious and I congratulate and appreciate the creativity! Kudos!!

Bellevue Shuffle

Well delivered arrangement with strong lead soloing and very sound accompaniment. Nice groove as this one is sultry and extremely easy on the ears with excellent musicianship throughout. Overall good audio quality and content. Wishing everyone took the care and approach in music manufacturing as you guys. Congratulations to all on a job well done and keep up the good work. I need to hear more! (Love the violin!)

Relaxing Fragrance

The wonderful mix and blend occurring on this track provide a unique taste of "Joy". The interplay of the musicians creates its own excitement and drive. They clearly fall into the groove. There is also an involuntary tapping of your foot. This shuffle works and provides a great afternoon boost.

relax !

If you are looking for a relaxed feeling swinging through the day this music is right. The sound of virtuously convincing Classical Guitar , enjoying itself under an easy whistled tune, the fiddle giving that jazzy folky country touch of the rougher expression of stroken strings and the clean electric guitar giving the impression that blues is close aside makes an easy to listen to jazz mood with a sense of controlled virtuosity that people would let get more familiar who don´t look the too complicated and and too sophisticated faces of jazz. so, well done while thinking of what the state of standards might be.

great stuff

nice to find a musician who is dedicated in producing nice music keep up the good work. i am looking forward to listening to more of your cool music take care God bless. It was nice to find your music .

rythm is swing

This peace of music is swinging in a light rythm of happiness. The violin tells a story without words and brings brightness. the listeners can easily let their thoughts flow. Well played and good arranged. Looking forward for more instrumenantal music. love & light *renata

Very nice, harmonious and melodically beautiful

I really love it! The song has a harmonious and melodic passages full of softness, great quality solos, and including the whistles as part of the song give a character of freshness. the recording is excellent, I really congratulate you for this work.

Strolling music

Hey. A great sound for passing the time shufflin down the street on a warm night.. shades of the Hot Club, fiddle mixed with some fine guitar work. Enjoyed every bar of this little toon. Swingin' Billy D.

Humming bees.

Elliot Ranneys easy guitar play is lightly talking to girl he wrote the song for. If you listen to the supportive whistling and the violin that support the introducing theme you start remembering a walk in the spring time. As if two bees are talking to another on a flowering tree. It feels good listening to your music. L&P. Calla, musician from Germany.
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