Dusty Roads & Friends / \"Deep Thoughts in Shallow Waters\" / \"Awaken\" Words and Music by Dusty Roads

A beautiful feel superbly crafted

Have to say the production and the soundscape was epic and the whole song had a hauntingly sad undertone reminiscent of Everyone's Got To Learn Sometime but clearly more west coast. If I was pressed I would want to get those verse vocals really very much tighter in terms of pitching as well as perhaps colouring/texturing them. The chorus works very well as the harmonisation blends the the voices nicely. I think this genre is over crowded so stand outs need to be special and this is nearly so-just needs tweaking.


Thanks for the opportunity to share with you concerning your music. It's not what I usually listen to. That being said, the song is OK, the chorus is mush better.lead vocalist sounds good, yet song sits still until the background. Good luck. Magic

Want a review that does not sound like from a friend?

Want a review that does not sound like from a friend? OK so anyone reading something like that is going to think this artist is really asking for it. But this will not be a Bad review or the friend one either. The genres here are listed as pop, indie and acoustic rock but when i heard the song I thought country western with the slide or lap steel happening. The last time I heard songs that were reasonably good from country it was material coming out of the 70s or earlier but when I was living in the US a good while by now I sent demos to the record companies in L.A.,N.Y. and Nashville any guesses on who responded? Nashville. just a thought. Recently its always questionable to call a song pop kind of I want to says the pop artist.

Dream of life.

Deep lyrics, dreamy background, I just think more variant in notes you sing earlier on will hook people a bit more. Otherwise sounds like a song for film while driving , looking at scenery.


This is nice working demo in progress..need some work to be done on Vocal and Arrangement..Music Publishers are Very Hard to please so do not be surprise if They will agree with me.as It is now is ok to play life concerts but not yet for a Main Radio Stations.. if I be You I will make a New Recording of It and keep under 3.5 min long..Radio ( for commercial Reason very rear use longer material.. I wish You good luck with submissions..Keep working on It..

Nice To Wake-Up To.

"Awaken" is nice to wake-up to. A throw-back to 70's and early 80's music,I could truly set my alarm clock/ring tone to this song. It's calming music track,informative and positive-like lyric make it go... Yes,it travels well. Has you looking forward to the new day. Also,the lead singer has a cool tone. Pretty good...


Is not important if I like or not but this is My Take..The Intro is To long..Your song need a Much Better Arrangement and of cost Much better Vocal ( Music Insiders do NOT like Vocals OFF the Tune )..and a Quality of recording are Bad..so Work on It I like the melody and some Arrangement Ideas..as It is Your Song is Not Ready for Music Publisher or for Major Radio Play..I hope that You will put more work in to and after all is done .send It out..I wish You good luck..


This is a nice tune but It need some work done on Arrangement, also will be a good Idea to make It shorter no more than 3 min and put More Energy in The Vocal..well is not important what I'm thinking but I got a feeling that Music Publishers will agree with me..as You know They are Very Hard to please..as It is now is ok to be played life but Record Quality is not on Radio Ready Recording..so You have a nice demo and make It Better.. I wish You good luck with submissions..


He there this reminds me of Roy Orbison :-) I recommend adding or turning up congas. Your picture makes me want to hear more hand drums. I also had trouble hearing the bass guitar but that may be due to my lame computer speaker. Nice sound on the solo. Keep rocking :-) Danny

Remarkable song and versatile style

The music starts off with very rhythmic and engaging acoustic-guitar accompanying which are playing the main role in this song, but all instruments really stand out in this recording. Great drums, percussion and melodic bass lines also perfect arranged. Dusty´s unique vocals with the intro sounds like a story. He has a great talent to give an account in words about someone or something, including all the relevant characteristics, qualities, or events. The chorus is impressive and the words come from the heart. Professionell orchestrated chords of the guitars and a virtuos e-guitar solo close to the end carry the recording. Brilliant composition and really outstanding recording very good mixed and overall perfect mastered. It´s a quintessence of country music style with pop elements although influenced by indie-rock well arranged. This song could be a radio hit and I´m sure you will also like to add him. Let others know your recommedation.

Awaken Review

I enjoyed your double ups, they were very nice. With this, I also expected maybe an echo or ad lib somewhere. Steady vocals. Not overpowering, but something; especially with acoustic music with that many empty bars.

An acoustic pop rock song in the spirit of the rock songs of the 1970s

Awaken is a song that sounds as if it was written produced and recorded ion the late 1970s or early 1980, just before electronic music took the world by storm. Melodic tune, supported by open airy acoustic sounds and matching vocals hark back to such giants as The Alan Parsons project, Early Billy Joel, and American Soft rock bands pf the same era. Well done, easy on the ear while not too banal - it is definitely worth a good listening (or two, or three:-))

Smooth sound

I has a smooth sound. It sounds nice. Very soothing.. Keep up the good work. Look forward to hearing more of you real soon. Take a listen to my song and let Mr know how you like it. Have a nice day.. Bye


Música entretenida y bastante buena, la melodía de la letra es bastante monótona, es lo peor de la canción pues hasta el estribillo suena igual. Por lo demás muy bien, buena selección de instrumentos y bien ejecutados. Entertaining music and quite good, the melody of the lyrics is quite monotonous, it is the worst of the song because even the chorus sounds the same. Otherwise very good, good selection of instruments and well executed.

Awaken Review

Interesting introduction but a little long. I like the instrumental arrangement but I was not fond of the lead vocal in the verse. I think what it needs is a female vocal that is more melodic. Guitar work is nice. If possible, keep your instrumental mix and bring in that female vocalist who has a good idea of melodies.
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