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Can't SLeep Love

Track has a nice flow,sounds more like easy listening music.......With a Neo Soul vibe. Good track for a movie script (LOVE SCENE) add some changes during new verses of the song maybe horn sounds with the keyboard etc GREAT STUFF.........different!

I love your song!

Keep up the hard work! I really look forward to hearing more music from you! It's nice to still have some nice real music around, these days and times it's kind of hard to come by so keep it up your doing great!!

Nice Groove

I like but the level at start is louder than the body of sound, otherwise nice! Also a nice guitar or sax solo would add a nice flavor to your jam, just add the break for some drama and tension anticipation know what I mean?

To: Duceman

Nice Duceman quality song honest feel to it and is worthy to be played on radio--zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz--zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzss


 This makes me feel good riding in my car on a hot summer day while the top dropped playing it real loud nice flow to it nice beat lyrics sound fire on this track i will be playing this one for real

Always in the right spotlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always in the right spotlight at the top of the lists and dressed to the sharpest point with the smooth tones rocking the crowds on numberonemusic keep doing what it is that you do and ill be right here supporting your every step of the way. The delivery is a magnet to the eardrums and i'll be trying to keep up with your shows in the future so that i can take some notes on how to become as smooth as you and as talented. DAWAN


i like your song keep going i have alot of music coming on the way so please come check me out i will share you around and i hope you are doing the right thing with your music i really believe you can do it i think you will be able to do it for real i really think you will be able to be a great rapper or singer or hip hop n R&B whatever you want nobody will judge you dont let anybody get to you thank you enjoy -YoungCuhz

Can't sleep love

Duceman great love songs it tells a story that slot of bro's can relate to. To me your talking about two levels of a love affair with a lady. How we appreciate our Lady in our lives and the other level is just pure love of how one thinks about the lady in our love serially. Nice story, nice music bruh ! Keep funk alive always !

Job Well Done

Duceman delivers the goods on this hot track, He's songwriting skills and smooth vocals will take you on a beautiful ride.Duceman song "Can't Sleep Love" will have you hooked on it. And belive me you will play it again and again.


OK Duceman, I see you. That's nice. Real old school jazz type. My father listens to jazz all day. & you definitely fit in the jazz/funk era. I can see myself listening to this riding down the highway smoking a cigar.

Nice Song!

This was a very well put together song. I really like the guitar work the tones are so sweet. I like the hook it is very catchy. Keep up the good work I will be listening for more material from you.

Can't Sleep Love

Hi, I love the introduction with the guitar it's a great touch- quite relaxing. The hook is catchy.... the sound of hook I wish had the echo sound and then the rest of the lyrics to be sung without the echo sound to it, just sing through it naturally ( strong male voice part ☺). Where there is an opening during the guitar playing one could sing a few melody bars or harmonizing a hum so there can be a connection/ or a partnering of the two. A smooth song to listen to. Thank you.

Song Lyrics

Duceman is on the right track with his lyrics in regards to the meaning of the son title This is easy listing to that will bring some comfort to the listener, with the smooth going rhythm choice and the theme of the music Keep up the good work you are doing a good job Bluedan

True artistry

Duceman has some really smooth grooves for you to ride to.the guitar in Cant Sleep Love just keeps playing in my head.and will in yours as well.hipnotic.heartfelt.and screaming with soul.

So EWF, what's not to enjoy? !!!

So EWF ( a very good thing), what's not to enjoy? !!! Nice progressions w/ that's almost Steely Dan-like also. It has that familiar vibe as well in the melody...I was waiting for a unique bridge/breakdown that knocked it out of the park !!! You got this !!! Very enjoyable listen... :-)
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