Dr Fred Cole / Mused Passing / Through the Glass Darkly

Organic Piano Duet

Haunting piano melodies start off this ambient composition that sounds much like a soundtrack to a mystery thriller. As the song progresses, a newly introduced discordant melody indicates that a dark, off-color element has entered the otherwise idyllic scene, a sort of disruptor. New chords are introduced in the last third of track along with a robust conclusion and resolution. The mix is even and the arrangement keeps the interest of the listener throughout.

Through the glass darkly

Through the glass darkly, by Dr Fred Cole, was just what I needed after a rather harrowing day at the office, nice and relaxed, carrying itself gently along giving me time to breathe in and relax, and relax some more,This track is quite different from other things i have heard from the artist , which is always nice to see that people can be diverse and hit the mark in whichever style they are making music in.Good to see someone getting in touch with their sensitive side and carrying it off successfully, Play on Dr. play on !!

"Through the Glass Darkly" by Dr. Fred Cole

"Through the Glass Darkly" by Dr. Fred Cole is a beautiful progression of piano melodies, covering a wide range of emotions, starting with a melancholic mood it evolves into a more sober/sad disposition where it lingers with some tension by added sub-harmonization, the song soflty ends with a more "uplifting mood" chords but keeping the melancholic feeling from the beginning. This track could easily be a successful background soundscape for a film/tv drama scene


I must say ..This is not Your Best Composition It has to many repeating moments..If You make It shorter app 2 min is possible that will sound better but is not important what I'm thinking..I think that People will say There is no Heart Inside and Music Insider will not be Impress..I Think that The Theme is good and if You will make a Nice Impro of It ..will sound much better.I wish You good luck with Submissions but remember that THEY will listen Only best Work...


Is just My opinion..This is Not Your Best Work..yes sound like Time is passing by..and a Children Play in The Park..but is to static . not much is going on in This Tune..I will expect This from a Kid but not from You on the other note It Got a Nice Feeling ..I think that Music Publishers and Radio Stations will agree with me..They are looking for something much better..I wish You good luck with placement but I'm afraid that chances are very slim to be pick Up..

Through the Glass Darkly

Hello Dr! Nice piece of piano. It's easy to listen. I like the parts when you start the first time to play in the bottom of the piano. The harmony change and the tune start to sing something to me. I always feel a travel to an other place with your music. This is really cool! The sound is good, simple. Not verry loud but ok, it's just about mastering. I will continue to listen your music, it's always a pleasure!
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