Dr Fred Cole / Green Man / Green Man

A Spellbinding Blend....

Greetings Dr. Fred...you have the remarkable gift of transforming your electronic stylings into a superb jazz funk composition. The guitar and bass lines are seamlessly fused together to evoke a sultry and hypnotic path that the listener is compelled to follow. The 'Pied Piper' could learn a thing or two from you. You've hit the 'bulls-eye' once again ! Barrymore

drifting away blues

very relaxing mix of jazz and blues. great background music ideal for a restaurant or wine bar. even for a scene for a film . their is a huge market for this type of music .highly recommended keep up the good work .

As always different commercial Great Smooth Jazz and Ambient Sounds

Reminds me of 1980 Snowy White Guitar Lead Breaks. I really like it very commercial yet experimental. Love the lead break very uplifting chords with a clear awesome sound of Dr Fred Cole As Always keep up the release of new tracks I will keep sharing your efforts #NEUROMASTER

Green Man

Definitely more Jazz-Electronica than ambient. Very chilled, feels like it would fit a scene from Purple Rain. Have to say, that guitar would have made the track a hundred times better if it was real! Could use a moogish synth or vocoder type of synth and kept it fully electronic i reckon. Nice work though


Here is a Jazz+Blues Rock title, and my first impression is that this one reminds me of Gary Moore, for instance, with more orchestration as there are pads and synths added, but anyway, similarities. The melody of the guitar itself is a good one, i'm just not very fond of the sound chosen, too acoustic...i'd rather would have listened to something with more amplitude. Anyway, the whole title in itself is a good musical moment, worth listening to.

Good for relax

Big landscapes remains in the beginning. The guitar sounds like "music for elevators". A warm atmosphere helps the melody while a little distortion get up in the middle of the song. The end is a little abrupt.

Jazz Guitar Time

Ambient pad vamps start off with song that then brings in a guitar jazz lead melody that is musically interesting executed but unfortunately suffers from being obviously a MIDI virtual instrument. The song could also benefit from some variation in the backing instrumentation. Daft Punk did something with a virtual guitar that worked and would be a suggestion for how to improve the track and proceed forward. :}
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