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This track is appropriately tagged as a combination of Ambient and Film Music. From the onset you can tell it's going to be a very uplifting track. It starts small but builds up to a heroic and epic scale, reminiscent of "Chariots of Fire" and similar works with a theme of overcoming struggle. instruments used include strings, bell tree, timpani, horns, atmospheric pads, and ambient special FX to name a few. Congratulations on an inspiring piece of music Dr. Fred!

Homecoming, an adventure!

It sounds to me I am entering in a strange and new invironment full of singular places and views and curious but known noises. You have accomplished to create many images with your sound. Congratulations!

expand your mind

I found this boring, amateurish and lacking originality. I think you need to think about this more and be stronger with melody. Its repetitious and needs to be less static. I was holding out for it to end. The man vocal effects really are comical as the whole piece is. There is a desire there to be optimistic and inspiring - go with that.


A very theatrical song very creative very unique remind me of them big movie studio like universal studios Paramount pictures. I really I love you feeling your music anytime you send me music . Thank you for allowing me to review your song Don't stop sharing don't stop making more great creative music. I love all types of music classic rock Jazz gospel r&b just to name a few once again thank you again never stop making on creating great sounds of Music have a wonderful day God bless and I'll let you go to create keep on Sharing.

Homecoming ~ A dark arival in a semi-metalic, yet fluid city.

Dr.Cole, while all creations of sound are to be admired, Homecoming inserts my mind into a place of uncertainty, almost where one would imagine purgatory to be, a dark world full of worry of the soul and mind. The inserts of synth's voice are unpredictable. To that end, the film track has purpose and with certainty it has a place in the annals of music stored, so that one day they are to be heard again. This synth production overall has hard and dark connotation, it develops into an orchestral collection of loops, with some voicing which is unintelligible, placing me deeper and deeper into this unpredictable place. Heavy, heavy strings emerge with splashes of hard percussion and a series of scale finding inserts at different octaves, that are moving into a softer string mini ballets. The song speeds up and then reverts back to an orchestral bounty of strings, but all is sort of blurred for a moment, and the emergent unintelligible voice which the sound of is forever present, leaving the mind to wonder where one actually is on this planet or are we left alone with only this sound as to be our eternal accompaniment. The music evolves further into the last third of the song with heavy strings accompanied by a soft timing beat and percussion. Then abruptly, we are again taken further back by a heavy "HUH" out of nowhere and then echoes abound, with heavy metal sounds, as though a grinder were taken to a metal rock ending in series of strings and then nothing, no lead out, no chorus to end. Dr. Cole if I may postulate, the piece in the beginning is indicative of an arrival to me, possibly a figure of notoriety or fame. I picture a southern plantation, a horse drawn coach with the coachmen in proper attire. Then it dawns to me of the possible death of a famous person coming to their ancestral home to be rested, of this all only suggested by the title of the song. Overall, I am unsure if some of the synth's emulations utilized actually fit together in this production. As well, the insertion of the sound almost as though a man is trying to extricate something he has swallowed is of no use within my eclectic music realm Possibly this music should return to the mixing room for a new coat of paint.

amaizing with very few resources

it is like work in the old record companyes. But Betther becouse you can to be access at lla kind of music. And enjoy it without pressures. In this case is a inspirate work made in early morning hat achieve to transmit all spirits of the calm an deep . It is very interesting!!

Homecoming - Review

Thank you for asking me to review your music. This starts off with a nice build it has a number of nice transitions and effects. This has a number of nice synth sounds and effects. There is a number of nice orchestral sounding effects. The theme sounds triumphant and a sense of royalty as if a great achievement was completed. If there was anything at all I would add would be a little more of a variance in the theme to keep the music interesting from the beginning back to the end. Otherwise I a grand piece of music. Nice work! All the best!

I am Spartacus

Reminiscent of Jean Michelle Jarre, Chariots of the Gods, this piece written and performed by Dr Fred Cole is constructed as a herald to the themes we have grown up to as tributes to fantastical myths and fantasies. It covers and conveys a sense of strength and overcoming of obstacles that are owned by those who have an overpowering sense of commitment and obligation to a higher truth, noble and full of character, hopeful and aspiring.


This sound like a Movie Background Music..It will be hard to Play It Concert Hall..see People Love to see Life Orchestra not a pile of electronic "junk"..so I strongly advise You Record Music like that with Real Musicians I know is very expensive but It will have a More chance to be publish.. Movie Studios have a staff Composers and will be Very Hard to pitch music in there..I like It and I'm sure many people will feel the same but after all be nice to get pay ..I wish You good luck with submissions.. GOOD Job..


I like It but this is not important what I Like..but What You will do with It..Market for Music like that is Very Limited specially if is It over 9.min long and I do not see people come to Concert Hall to look on Pile of Computers.. They Like to see a whole Orchestra and I think that will be Hard to do..try to send It to some College Radio Stations and let see what will happen.. a Regular AM / FM Radio will not put in Rotation because is to long and they play max 5.5 0 4 min long..They do Sometime but Your name must be a J.S. Bach or something.. I wish You good luck..I like It... good Job..


nice score that leaves you with the feeling of anticipation and yerning happy and somber..there is a lot of feeling going on. Like a long over do homecoming.. it truely has a film score feel .It does have an instance of returning home. power full at 9:12 it has full feel ,like a journey .

I can see it in a Tom Hanks film...

I feel as though while the whole song was playing, maybe a montage was playing at the same time. Very cool transition and sea ombiance. What program did you use to compose it? Would definitely recommend it too.

Vangelis style

.. atmosphere. Good interpretation and some cool sound. But only in some parts, some sounds can remember Vangelis but not your style.... A bit repetitive, but you can do much better.Greetings


Hi! Homecoming, this track makes me remembring some Vangelis tunes by the sound and the mood. It's very different from your other tracks. For my taste, I miss a hand melody. Something that stay in my head. It's not my favorit track from you. I feel the sound too much 80's. But I totally understand the style. Yes, it's verry Vangelis style!

Too linear....

Hello! A beautiful palette of synyhétiques tones. A strange voice in the background... Is it really necessary? Harmonically speaking, this composition is extremely classical in its composition. In my opinion, too often we remain on a major tonality; A break with a minor or other mode would have given more interest to this composition. Maybe even some chords dissonant here or there, to break the harmony. (I am a great follower of haronies dissonant, but it is true that they are not easy to place and use.) In listening, and in connection with what I mentioned above, I find this composition a little long...
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