Dr Fred Cole / Mused Passing / Transcendent

Piece of music for a movie.

This man has done it again. Fred Cole presents a very fine and beautiful piece of piano music, that could be a sountrack for a film about the life. Quite, nice and relaxing with a lot of feelings. This is more ambient Jazz than electronica and fits perfect as a filmscore. You can hear the signature of Dr. Cole in this music with his deep jazz roots. A very dreaming style. This music has also something about "saying goodbye" feeling as a couple who leaves each other o or something about "sad things happened. As always a terrific piece from Cole. Dear Cole, did you listen to Weather Report? I do recomend it. I hear some som roots from the music of the jazz rock band Weather Report. Specially the piano playing from the keyboardplayer Joe Sawinul who was primus Motor in Weather Report. Sawinul was such a creative jazz musician as you are. He also had the ambient and electronic music background as you have.

Memories or green meadows?

1. Very suitable for the background under the photo book with memories from a young age to the present. 2.It can also accompany pictures of green meadows with wild flowers and mountains in the background. Howgh mondxxi

Dr Fred Cole ... Transcendent

Quite different from some of Dr Fred's other work Ok ideas for a video start with an older person of character. Zoom in to there eys as sitting in the sun set and let there life and thoughts be pictured in random shots field of wheat and barley loves lost and found sad and happy times and finnish with the person and a dog walking down a dusty sunset road . Nice work Dr Fred Cole .

nice piano solo

Dr. Fred Cole has composed a nice piano work fitting of its title Transcendent. The mood is relaxing and pensive. This would provide a nice backdrop for narrations in addition to its standalone value.

Very Unique

I really can feel this song it is awesome so smooth and very unique and this is a song that I can listen to all the time it is so relaxing it's almost like you telling a story I really appreciate great sounding music like this thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world stay creative and never stop loving what you do and please keep me posted on any new music and stay in touch I grew up listening to all types of music Gospel rb country rock b just to name a few but to me my opinion this song is so captivating it is soul music anyhow I can go on and on and may God continue to bless you in all ???? your endeavors peace and have a wonderful weekend.


Very Nice and calm tune..with music like that is good to relax..It will be good to play It life in some Up End Restaurants..I do not know haw Music Publishers will react as You know They are Very Hard to Please specially an Instrumental Piano Music..Try to send It to Them and let's see what will happen..but do not count that They will accept It..They always have a different "take' on The Music..I wish You good luck with submissions.. I like It.. but who care what I Think...


Very Nice Relaxing Piano Music but the problem is Music Market for something like that is very small but with a Right Connections ( if You have ).. will be nice to hear It in some Concert Hall.. for a Radio is a little to long They looking for 3.5 min long Songs / Tunes.I like The Sound of The Piano ( it is Baldwin or Petroff )..I like It and I wish You good luck with submissions and I hope to hear You one day playing The Piano in Great Concert Auditorium..Good Job..


Hi doctor Fred, this piece of music brings out feelings of nights of the realm,a win for the kingdom,a great feast for all,green parstrers once again,and glorious dancers spinning from side to side and around with their heads to one side, leaving a smile on my face and a happy ending for all. Green will allway be in my play list. Best regards starshakers


This is not Your best Composition but is possible it will work better on Video a 2 version come to my head.. First ..walk in The Park where is a River..and Lake..waterfall..and person listen The Nature...or The Child learning to play a Piano..You must make a better Quality Recording..is way to Low..and I was trying to listen It 2 Times on Full Blast..I think as It is will have a hard time to be play on Radio.. but I think it will be good to play in some Up End Restaurant or any Life Concert..I wish You good luck with a video.. let me know when is done..

A very warm and soft music

The song Transcendent from Dr Fred Cole begins with a smooth intro and brings your mind into a good mood of enjoying what comes next. It is a very soft way of heart to listen to this warm music, everybody can enjoy. The pictures coming up with this sound are like everything is good and there are many other people thinking the same, it is like being free to choose which side you follow. Enjoy listening to this music, it brings up good thoughts in your mind and so you can follow them. Everyone good an warm times of your heart. the cows


transcendent term that specifies the character of what is beyond a limit, above all beyond the cognitive faculties of man, or of a given and defined reality. I like to overcome myself every day, push myself beyond the limit and when I find someone who thinks like me, I can only share and rejoice. on the piece I do not have much to say, as almost all your compositions are masterpieces, emotional and exciting


Good piece of piano. The ambience is for me the nostalgy. It sounds like an improvisation well executed. It touch myself. The chords are great but if I had to say something, I would love to find the main thème more often. And be carefull to the level of your record. You can optimize the sound/noise. Good job!


Well, this si my first rewiev, so bear with me. I keep it short. The usage of instruments is kinda „less is more“ however i d say it has much potential to add kinda jazzy like vocals, bass and some cinematic style of pads/strings. Beats is no need, as it allready is touchy without. I like it. Try changing piano with some synthesized sound for another version. Would surely be available to try that out. Well, need some midi files to do so, as i am not a that good n skilled player as it spunds here. My stuff takes ages until its born ;-) Thats the thing i have to live with. Great performance Dr Fred Cole, keep up the good work.


Dr Fred Cole, propose us a trip. A soft sound of piano it´s a ship in which we can flow. No comun harmonic progressions, unexpected melodies, rhythm changes. An inteligent musical piece, which allows us to take a ride. Push play and let go.

Nice composition.

Hello! I definitely like listening to your compositions!!! Very nice introduction piano, very classical in its form. A bit of nostalgia through the chosen harmonies, but no sadness, only a reflection on existence. Too bad, that little fake note in the middle of the piece! I would have liked a few harmonies off tone, from time to time, to challenge the listener... but that is my way of looking at it, isn't it? Good work again!
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