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Dr Fred Coles The American Dream

What a Scream...exactly...sadly....true. Nice beat, great beatbox lyrics. I like the creative way you handed the switch over to the different genres. Love and Hope come and go but music keeps you grounded. A great mix of electronica, dance and Jazz. I as an American have to agree sadly with the lyrics to this song. I am sure you enjoyed creating it as your listeners will enjoy hearing it. Lovely to hear a new mix from you Dr. Fred. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you will get a greater following with your fans because of your distinct style.

American dream Review.

good political message fit for today mix of different music modes jazz Electronic but they play off each other well great vocal flow good also for a movie sound track interesting movement with in the song good song.


I really like this song I really appreciate you for allowing me to listen to your song and can take it I really like this song I'm a Giants fan I love all types of music thank you for sharing your talents with me and others and the world stay creative keep on making good music with his Jazz r&b you have a unique style very clever and very smooth and don't stop creating continue to make great music and anytime I would love to hear any new movie that you got coming out keep keep in touch and keep me posted I'm wonderful day and may God continue to bless you and all your endeavors peace God bless

good !

i like this very much , its well produced , good construction , nice mixing , mixdown , so not bad at all , keep the good work , and never stop creating the music , love and passion for music is the key

Halli Hallo

Sehr kultiges arrangement der klaviersound ist einfach super klassisch und die beats erinnern mich unheimlich an meine jugend in den 80 ziger Jahren, geht richtig guht nach vorn mag auch das breakdance artige


I absolutely love this tune! Being a jazz lover I would like to play guitar along with this song as well if there is ever a chance. It has a lot of energy is very new Innovative, something I have never heard of not like it anyways great tune great job with the mix, pretty much everything like I said it's a great song and I would definitely share it with a lot of my friends. And that my friends is the American dream.

Cool tune

Australian producer Dr Fred Cole has created a fun-to-listen-to track entitled The American Dream. There are a lot of cool cuts, inserts, and candy for the ears that make this an interesting listen.


The American Dream is another masterpiece. the rhythm is very persuasive, enveloping, engaging and above all damn nice. you have a way to make music very special and I like this because you mix and express yourself in various ways giving your personal touch to everything you do. in this piece you gave your best because everything runs smoothly like oil and the various styles fit perfectly. I love this kind and I love your music.

A twist

Good song. Has a twist of modern rhythm and oldies. Like the lyrics goes with the tempo. Piano adds a good break up from contemporary to electronic beat. I would suggest this song to anyone. Good job


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding bro you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep workin

Dr Fred Cole My Review!

Dr Fred Cole here is my review the music to your song was well produced and I like it and it is something fans will enjoy listening to great job and a very nice mix I look forward to hearing more songs from you on a scale 1-10 here is my 10 good luck from J.Milligan President/Ceo,New Experience Records/Universal Music Group keep jamming.

These Aussies Rock!

Now I finally know the meaning of "Down Under"..... Great band from a great country, with some great music! Les us support our Australian friends, by jumping on their bandwagon and shouting: "Stick another 'frigging' shrimp on the barbie".....

American Dream

An interesting mix up of beat mashups with a loose comedic feel.The drum roll transitions gave the song a good highlight of a 90s rap battle while making light of a common of a reality technology has succumb us to.

Very beautiful

Beautiful! I like this with this very special sound. it reminds me Very beautiful For me, living in Europe gives that touch of positive energy. Genial and original. Compliments! Bella! con questo sound molto particolare mi piace. mi ricorda buona musica. Per me che vivo in Europa dona quel tocco di energia positiva. Geniale e originale. Complimenti!

Nice Sound!

i did'n understand exactly the words because English is not my native language and usually i listening first to music... but i can say... Great Great SOLO! maybe i will transcript your solo! you have nice moment there...! Thank you for your Sharing! :)
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