the best

I do not know how you can do the effects but your compositions are real masterpieces. while I listened to your piece I closed my eyes and I found myself traveling with imagination. woods, fairies, elves and Indian natives .. thanks for the nice emotion

Organic Jean Michael Jarre

This excellent ambient composition begins interestingly with nice pads that define the musical themes that an introduced throughout the track. Some one the nature-based motifs are reminiscent of Jean Michael Jarre's Zoolook work. The arrangement is well executed and the mix is full across the entire frequency spectrum. The song is perfect for any mediation session. Great Job on this effort! :)

Magnificent !

Hello! Here is the music which pleases me! Why? Because it brings me images, as a sound track for a movie! There is a lot of originality in this composition. The set is recorded very well and spatialisé. The rumours of water to the right, to the left, the quelqies shelled notes of guitar, the discreet song of the reedy ones ... The original tones of the percussions. This musical composition is magnificent! BRAVO!!!

Land of thoughts

The song Arcadia by Dr Fred Cole opens up with a smooth melody bringing you into another world. There are several sound effects guiding you trough this new world of thoughts coming up with this music. It is like when the sun goes down in a new land and the scene goes over the country of freedom and peace and you can have a look in a world without danger. There are good thoughts coming up with this sound and everybody can enjoy this feeling. All the best to you and keep on doing good tracks. the cows


I have a mix reaction on This Tune..I know that You are trying to make a story with Your Music but I'm looking on It from Commercial point will be good with a video but music only not so me not much is going on to catch People ears ..I also think it will be ok to use it as Meditations Music..but The Music Market for that is very small..and on top of that is Very Hard found a Music Publisher who will take an Instrumental Music..I wish You goodLuck.. Good Job..

Smooth Sounds

This track initially provides the listener with an easy almost hypnotic sound. The song exhibits peace and tranquillity and places the listener in an quiet state of mind. This song could be utilized in a movie sound track.


Hello, A new comment on your work. Today is Arcadia. It's a 06:40 track of very repetitive sound on guitar, percution and samples sounds. It's really ambient. Too much for me. I lost the harmony I loved on the other tracks. I feel thats it's totally assumed but it's just not my taste. ;)

More Dr. Fred Ambient Electronica.

Another fres track from Cole. Full of ambience. This time this is not jazz piano ambience. It´s pure ambient relaxation with diferent sounds efects. Flute sound and nice beautiful pads is plaing between nature sounds and sound effects creating pictures in your heard. It´s ambient whith the music unviverse of Fred Cole. Hope to hear more tracks like this from Dr. Fred. It´s like a fusion between Brian Eno, Weather Report...................and Dr. Fred Cole. Still music wth depth and deep thougts.

planant !!

J'adore l'ambiance générale de ce morceau, c'est très zen et cool, reposant et relaxant. cette musique nous entraine dans nos pensées et on imagine facilement être assis à admirer un sompteux paysage en écoutant cette musique. Bravo à toi, tu as du talent, continu à nous faire partager ta musique !

Good Track!

The Sound is like Karunesh.....Spiritual Song! Good Music! Soft, Light..... I wish you have always Good Inspirations to make music! The sound of water is amazing, incredible! WE CAN CLOSE OUR EYES AND DREAM!!!

Nice work

I really enjoyed this piece. It is very relaxing and inviting. I can see this being played at a candle light dinner for two. It sounds like it could be a great addition to a motion picture soundtrack as well. Keep up the good work. M.

A great piece of ambient

Great mood and a huge atmosphere that allows you to dream. Great sounds that almost refer yourself to tropical climates. It sounds like an endless trip into dreams and meditation. Beautiful.


I love it! Very relaxing but also a bit of intense... feels like I'm walking towards something. A good ambient soundtrack for some type of movie or even a type of Sims tempo building game in the forest. Yes you should upload some more! I find it good.


I had trouble staying focused on this song partially because it stayed at the same level throughout the whole piece. Maybe that was Dr.Cole's intention to write an ambient piece. There were some interesting effects.

So calming

Love the dreamy soothing sounds. Something about the sound of running water stirs us at a deep level in our collective unconsciousness. The hypnotic string sounds emphasize the overall feeling of peacefulness.
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