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'Sonic Perfume' Very Nice!

I would like to say, I have really enjoyed listening. It is a nice soothing piece of music. I would imagine myself looking over the wide open sea. This has a lot of contrast almost like being in a dreamlike sequence. I would like to congratulate Don Slepianj for his creativeness and imagination and nice use of instrumentation. I believe that there are a number ways to make music interesting and this piece allows you a nice calm feel from a long hard day. Congratulations again!

Very "fragrant"

This piece of music caught my attention right from the title. It sounded pretty much as I had expected seeing the genre classification and the title. But - that is not criticism that is me acknowledging that Don Slepian has a clear grasp, if not firm mastery, of the new age genre. At north of 16 minutes, this might seem lengthy to some, but that is also right in line with the new age genre. It is performed masterfully and mixed very well also. It provides a dreamscape that is applicable to so many things: getting a massage [I've heard this type music when I've gone for therapy and it is very effective], running it behind a well-produced dreamscape like video, etc. I would only suggest that perhaps a change of texture of sorts occur maybe somewhere midway in the piece or some drastically different chord changes, change of key maybe. Nothing hugely drastic but just a little something to keep us engaged. However, that is to be taken with a grain of salt due to the genre which is supposed to send us off in a disengaged state [and this piece succeeds in doing that for sure]. That's just the producer coming out of me. I enjoyed having this piece come into my inbox. Very nicely done. 4.5. Nothing is perfect. Jon Charles Fortman for The Antique Harmoniums

Unscented sonic perfume

This is a light piece to relax to wherever and whenever in this busy fast paced world if ours. Soft, airy and lightly textured but orchestrated composition that makes it all seem effortless. Pretty tones and bright harmonies fill the air. This avalanche of bright tones is quite long and would be perfect to relax to listening in a warn inviting bath. In the right mood I could have some downtimrle with this piece IR if not in that mood...just listening to this could place me in that state if mind. Nice job.

you review

this is obviously work with keyboards and I do not understand the swing, but rather as an ecstasy or nexus because I not be in either type of film that party could be. really not bad. I do not say that the melody is not understood, but is, rather, an ambient ...

A trip into the great Cosmos!

Don Slepian's piece of music sent me into a peaceful journey through the Universe. I felt like I was blissfully floating around amongst the stars. This is a very beautiful piece of music that will calm you down if you are feeling stresset out. It had a very meditative effect on me, so I would definetely recommend it for relaxation. Well done!

*falls asleep*


Couched Tiger Hippie Dragon

This piece provides ensemble for nature's seasonal display of elemental emburgeonment, and in a style of crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Yin-yang containing in active-passive dualisms, amidst the dramas of nature besides herein:- earth, wind, water, & ice...but not fire; mood music's temperature scale is busy instead melting notes in timbre like raindrops from melting icicles. A paradoxical function of 'true movie' versus a 'nature' soundtrack, yet containing either way its mysterious drama...what it could be but that its not, defines its genre, not its composition.

music for meditation

Bamboo Music like your track New Age music lovers and yoga sounds. Also beautiful background music for meditation. Nature ritualistic backing sounds. and a merry Christmas

I Love Classical Music

Your music has feeling and I find it quite inspiring. Keep it up. Not many people have the skill do produce music like yours. I would like to hear more and more of you. Do you do concerts? I'm sure many people would come.

Perfumed sounds

Meditative and reflexive track. The "perfume" spreads around our heads like an hypnotic filter. Very suitable the combination piano/synth. Maybe the exposition parts are a little bit more lenght before their change. Effective and insightful the simple notes on the piano.

Sonic perfume

This work contains a wonderful ambience, reflecting the serenity and calmness of a still ocean. However, with the drone being so dominant throughout, I feel a hypnotic character which makes me think deeper than just the surface. I start to explore what lies beneath and get washed away in a magical world through descriptive arpeggiations in the chimes. The slowly caressing mood of the keyboard giving direction to something so still. Many thanks for trusting me with this Don. It is truly wonderful. Noel Barr

Bask in interplanetary space

Transcending sounds that take you on a journey to the other worlds, that clear you mind of all unnecessary thoughts and invite you to step into a galaxy of sounds. Dare to let go! Listen to the music and breath in harmony and space. Become spacious and vibrate with the sounds. This is music to dare to be yourself unattached and free. This is music to feed your soul with new energy. This is mystic and beautiful!
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