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Very nice composition - Music style is kind of special - sophisticate but popular - Song is very beatifully performed - rhythmical and is very well suited with arrangement which is very rich with lot of very sophisticate well played instruments - In my opinion this composition have all attributes to be international radio hit - So go for it - This is great work - Keep on and do more of this fantastic music - Thank you I enjoy...

I Like that Southern Gospel Sound !!!

I would like to extend my congratulations to the Donna Walton Gospel Network on this one. I was very captivated by that Southern Gospel sound and the feel of this song. Mixed very well, and the studio setting as well as the vocal work and the guitar solo on this one are great. It has a old time gospel jazz feel that brings back the memories of gospel jazz from back in the 50's. A recording done very well with a clean mix. Congratulations on this one !!!

Wonderful !!

Hi everyone !! First of all, thanks for putting this beautiful song for everyone's consideration. It is extremely beautiful. The melody is beautiful and the choir is very sticky, which makes it desirable to hear it again and again, but more than anything, the main voice is spectacular, the choirs are great and the musical accompaniment, superb. I loved the harmony and sound of the Organ, as well as the mix and the production. Congratulations !!

A song from my heart

This song truly expresses my desire from God! Only He can plan and know my future and I need His wisdom to navigate through this journey called life. I'm sure many of you share the same sentiment.

Destiny, destined for further exposure

Well produced, though, I was hoping for more of a whizzbang payoff ending after the brief guitar solo at the end; the piece could be expanded, for sure. Nice refrain. Not my usual cup o' tea, as far as the genre, but, in my opinion, well done. Looking forward to more from this group.

Nice Worship Song

This is a nice contemporary Christian worship song with some cool changes, good harmonies, and meaningful lyrics. I enjoyed it and was blessed by it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something fresh and new in their worship.

Destiny Review

Lovely composition. Especially moving and pure in it's delivery of faith and vocalization being so heart felt and inspiring. Nice ans sweet lyrics, heavenly blessed and annointed in whole. I look forward tohearing more from your gospel network. Best wishes

It really is destiny

This is the type of music I really like to back up. The musicians who played on this sound very together. Also sounds like chart material. Soul sounding as well and if I lived in your area I would love to be part of your backing group. Why not try going pro and approach one of the major record companies ??? Play on.

Inspiring Gospel Music

Destiny is surprisingly easy to listen to.Its not too heavy or complex.I love the singing.I feel the connection, the inspiration and the light of happiness coming through.It is very much in the style of Christian contemporary, but with a smooth Jazz ending nice guitar octaves fading out.Makes me want to hear more !!!!

You Need a Little Addictive Grace in Your Life

Smooth is the style and powerful is the content. If you want to be inspired and relaxed at the same time then this song is the recipe. Donna knows how to lay out the message and lay down the tune. She has a great supporting cast.
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