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Salsa Jazzy

a really groovy south of tight track I love the Jazz tip on it in the south of tip very creative very unique thank you for sharing it and allow for me to review your song keep me posted on any new music song such as this I grew up listening to all genres of music for my favorite is gospel rap and gospel music and I like jazz once again thank you for sharing your song with me keep me posted don't continue to stay in one place continue to grow in your in your talents in your gift stay outside the box have a blessed day and may God bless you and all your endeavors peace out keep it on the Giants tip DBC

This Is Nice Easy Listening Music

Very relaxing, nice mellow music, for travel! or just enjoying wine and cheese with your friends, i was very shocked to hear such a smooth sound of relaxing jazz, i truly enjoyed listening

It's nice to be moved

You Still Move Me is up tempo and refreshingly high in energy. The music has good pad and chord work underneath with a beat produced that works as the engine and foundation moving the song along. The guitarist gives a simple and clean melodic line which sets the tone for the relaxing experience of an easy and flowing pattern that emphasizes the its melodic intent repetitively. The violinist joins the production nicely adding to the feel of the ensemble. This is the kind of song that could go on and on just creating a mood in the background while effectively changing a negative emotion to a positive one. The conclusion was as the introduction, and there is no objection of course, each song has it's own personality, I would like to feel the difference of a long fade at the end, just for effect and messaging. Keep up the great work. I am Stan Barnes and I approve this review.

Digging it

The natural jazzy Latin feel makes one want to begin to dance. I appreciate the variety of instruments. The lead part in the middle gives it more of a live performance sound. Thank you for sharing your creations with us

Upbeat and mellow

I could drive across the country mainly out west and listen on my way to Vegas or somewhere like that real chill uptempo grooves jazz influence definitely there the guitar is on point DOPE

You really still move me

Hello, how are you! Your proposal is quite interesting, very cheerful all the time and the instrumentation is nice, the set of different musical passages is quite good. The clicks of the drum machine stand out a lot in the whole song and come to saturate the whole project. The acoustic guitar that is practically heard throughout the song maintains a figure that becomes a bit monotonous, but the joy of the song is fine. Keep up the good work, Regards.


I like Your tune..but the big problem with It .is just to long It will be much better ( my opinion if You keep It below 3 min long or make some really good impro ). as it is now ..a Good Theme but not much going on for over 8 min..I think You know what I'm trying to tell You.. it is ok to be played on Life Concerts but as it is now the chances are very slim to be use on Radio Rotation..j.try to send to Them and let's see what They will say.. I wish You good luck.. Good Job..

Da Phatfunk Clique

What a beautiful sound you have. Has a very mellow and funky vibe. Reminds me a little of Earl Klugh with a Spyro Gryo Vibe. It paints beautiful pictures without words. Like riding through a meadow on a sunny day. I Love It! Continued success in your career.


I'm not so sure about this.. Do You really think is a good idea to use a same bit on drum machine for over 8 min..well if You change some parts will sound much better..as it is now is way to long to be used on The Radio if I be You I will split It on two..because the Violin Part is much better use it more and rerecord..I do not think Music Publishers will jump on It.. They are Very Hard to please and They very rear take an Instrumental Music to publish...try to play it life and let's see what People will say.. I wish You good Luck..


This is nice tune..but a little to long for me ( also for a Radio Stations ) specially that is same motive over and over.. be nice to hear some good Improvisation..and make arrangement more complex..as It is now will be ok to play It at Concerts but I do not think Radio Stations will "jump" and play It..as a Music Publishers..They are Very Hard to please and They to not take time to listen Instrumental Music..I like It it has some Caribbean Touch..and is pleasure to listen..I wish You good Luck with submissions.. Good Job..


A very happy and carefree pretty tune, vibes are lovely and happy. nice arrangement, and very skilled in playing of instruments. I wish you much success and would love to hear more from you in the future. God Bless.

Move Me...

Yo Phatfunk, This is a sho nuff Easy Listening gem. Your idea to do the leads with the Violin are superb! The texture of the smooth Jazzy, melodic music give the effect of contemporary jazz. Im especially fund of the the rhythmic drum track accompanying the piece. Has a military marching cadence that moves all through the piece. The recording is well done and the levels are perfect. The solo was an expected plus to the movement of the total project. There is no way this wont become a stable on the jazz circuit. When it is picked up by the main stream, be ready to ride or die. Your music as a whole is READY FOR THE WORLD!! i am sprout to be connected with your music.. Keep it up Bruh..Peace & Funkiness.

Pizzicato Violin Performance

Yes,...Grooving with the unique sound of violin pizzicato playing. As well as fine bowing within the piece. The rhythm behind the melodic and soloing is a moving joy...Thanks for the music you are creating. I trust I'll get an opportunity to actually see you perform. Please keep me posted.

Refreshing and Laid Back

A refreshing and laid back tune with a smooth jazz feel to it. The song was recorded with a violin playing the lead parts by plucking the strings instead of playing with a bow until the ending- very interesting and enjoyable! Congrats

Hip Groove right of the gate...

Yes, a Hip Groove right of the gate... Nice structure and chordal textures. The mix is nice , would have prefered more dynamics , a more built up bridge that gently took you back to the main verse... on such a nicely written peaceful song, it's screaming for less dormancy and more dynamic, both in volumes and more unique textures. A for effort ! I like it as lot !!. Just be mindful of that next time. Other wise Good Job ! Thx for sharing your Music :-) E N J O Y E D IT ......Thx
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