Epic hurtin' song

Dana has this rare vocal warmth and sustain. The crafting of the tale is wonderful, clever, interesting in its chord progression, lyrically compelling, and flows seamlessly. The solo guitar and sax licks are yummy, fitting and perfectly executed. The mix of the recording is ideal, and nothing short of professional. All the vocals can be clearly heard, no one instrument overpowers. Overall, a marvelous piece of work.

Best thing you ever had

Great voice , great band . Great timing , the whole recording is spot on . I love this song and all I have shared it with have loved it too . I sincerely hope it becomes famous . Good luck with it , Cliff


It's hard to determine where to start when analyzing so much ingenuity, but with a song of such epic proportions of listening pleasure, it is only fitting to start with the melody. When I hear this beautiful tune of arpeggios going up and down, I feel as though I am being uplifted by angels, dropped, and lifted again, like a heavenly game of angel hot potato. It's also impossible to indulge in this harmony without salivating at the complexity of chords. The structure of chords is so structural, and the harmony is so harmonic, it paralyzes me with wonder that one human man could give birth to a piece of such epic proportions. Wonderful song and even better performance.

Great song

Lovely soulful vocals and a catchy chorus. Some really nice instrumental breaks too. This is a great number which is extremely well produced too. This lady is rightly popular on the nm1 platform - keep up the good workj

Great song !

I just love how the music flows. Who Ever produce this song needs to be in the business. The vocals are great, the instruments are wonderful. You can see someone took their time with this song.


This is nice song but is still room to make it better..I like Your voice and have a feeling that You are NOT using It to full potential..( if I be You I will take some parts up "to the sky" I mean vocal..I do not know haw Music Insiders will react but send It out to Music Publishers and Radio Stations..I got a feeling that someone will like It also and be able to "Open The Door"..I wish You good luck with submissions..I know that many people will like It..Good Job

Best thing..

I like the sound on this, the Bonny Rait instrumentation & vibe can be felt...There is angst...Good voice, the lead guitar is good but a tad bit loud at a low listening level. I could be wrong as I'm in a public place. I love the smoky sound to the tune....Your love is dead. I think for me I would change the Title the "BEST THING YOU NEVER HAD"....Play on words, easy fix, but this tune is done....LOL....Well, you go on to the next tune, & go onto the next love....

Dana Jordan

The song seeps the blues. All the insruments are tight & balanced where they should be. Dana's vocals are sultry & passionate. The sax solo fits the late night smokey ballroom scene. The guitar solo fits like a glove to the song. This is what modern blues should be about. I highly reccommend it & looking forward to more music from this artist!

Good stuff,I dig it

Sounds good. This is great stuff and you can’t get enough of it. I love it and you will too. If you like Ronnie James Vadala then you’re sure to have fun with this awesome music . Check it out or be square

Best thing

Best thing you ever had is a sweet cool song, so beautifully made voice and nice sound, I like the instruments too. Cool music to calm the body and soul. Thank you very much for making such music

Dana Jordan......"Best Thing, You Ever Had".....

Good Song content....Great Vovals.....Good Back Up Band......Sax & Lead Do an exelant Job on Solo, Switchout....Vocalist was a Plesent Supprise, Raspy Where Need, but very Gental, & Strong Where Needed. All In All A Good Job...

Best Thing You Ever Had

Wow! That’s a great song. Your vocals are so good and the music fits your voice very well. The guitar solos are reminiscent of Gary Moore. All in all it is a very good Song with a very soulful sound

Remember the Blues.

It brings back good memories of when I played at The Fritos Blues Connection touring the different lands of Spain, making the blues live on every living creature. Its great. Wonderful.

Amazing Voice

Hey Dana Im very glad I found your song... I love your voice and the song is really cool! Thank you for sharing it with us! Keep it up and I Hope to listen to others songs of yours! Have a good one! Cheers!

Good Song

Good lyrics... Good Voice Could be a little more up tempo. Singer puts a lot of feeling into her performance. Instrumentation is excellent. The length of the song is a good length. It would be good if some background vocals could be added.
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