Christian cowboy

Good rockin beginning,pretty country got a country voicenice words,I like the groove and the message can’t be told to folks,good punch line,it ain’t funny,hang on folks here comes jesus I like the back singers and the dobro is great and piano vibe,good song and it’s catchy good luck with your ministry,but the message gets a little off course,but prayin could be another song.ptl!

Ain't It Funny

This song is an upbeat new sound with a Two stepping rockabilly fusion of worship . I love the organ/keyboard sound of the introduction. The percussion is excellent too, just the right touch and not too heavy handed. Your sound is unique in a folk rock fusion way. The keyboard adds a touch of jazz and the percussion with the soft brush and touch is spot on. Message is the message of what the Spirit of Truth is saying to His Own Ones now. The only way forward is to hear and do when we pray and heed what He is saying to us individually to come and play our part in this new. Take the lost to The Lord in Prayer and ask for more laborers to be sent to reap the harvest! Great message keep you your sowing of songs for this season of the latter day rains.

Ain't It Funny

Something about this track reminded me of a merger of Procol Harum and Charlie Daniels. Since I appreciate both, I like the outcome. Quite preachy in a good Charlie Daniels way, but since it was billed as Christian music for people who don't like Christian music it took me a bit by surprise. They won't like it but I think you should keep doing it anyway. The truth still offends people who perish. They don't want to learn to pray, they want to run and hide. Still, I appreciate good music and a direct approach when called for. This track has both. Good Job.


I really like fun songs and this is one of them. I appreciate your style and you will communicate to some who would not listen to most Christian music. Great theme and great words. Keep up the good work, God bless.


Is not It Funny is a piece whose main purpose is to convey a message. I guessed? I believe that beyond the function that I believe should play, that is, as I said, send a message I can not not compliment you for the musical performance that in my opinion is at the highest level. all the instruments play harmonic and divine, creating a really pleasant and engaging sound. I'll give you my best compliments

Ain't It Funny

There is some nice work here. The instrumentals are well done, nice guitar riffs throughout, a nice mix of "country rock" and a little bluesy. The vocals are well done, especially the background vocals. The bending of the vowels are done very well. There are a couple of places where it seems a bit wordy - lots of words in a short amount of beats - but the message is clear none the less. Keep up the good work!


This song is ready for the next level. I love the songwriting skills. Listening to the production of this song and it sounds professional with good arrangrment. I really like the flow of the composition; melody, chord progression, drum session, etc. The content of the song is great, the lyrics move me and caught my attention. Truthfully I don't see the need for a review of this song, the outcome says you've taken the proper measures to ensure a well put together production. Great job.



Great potential

I listened to this song. it has a very good intro but when the vocals came in I could not help but Wonder if it could have been mixed better. I enjoyed the lyrics and the title is very catchy, again the mix could have been done better because the vocals were not as tight and on time as it could have been. this song has great potential to be a hit, also a little auto-tuning would not have hurt either. overall the music was great, the feel of the song was catchy and upbeat but whoever did your mix did not do it justice so that is the only readon why I gave it 3 Stars


I guess the best part is how the singer sells it with his enthusiasm. It starts out very catchy with the beat and the message it brings is from the heart. I like the dobro midway through it as well! Good job my friend.

Ain't It Funny Review

When the song first started I wasn't sure what to expect but the longer I listened the better the song got!! I really enjoyed this song.. The vocals and musical riffs really catch you and keep you into the song. It has a great hook and the background singing was nice. All-in-all this was a well put together song and a great mix!!! Great job on this one, Cowboy!!!

Review per request

The music is well mixed and I really like the chord structure . I like the dobro and the rhodes fills and the back ground vocals really good. Cowboy Bob really nice job. So you live in Big Bear Lake? wow, I went there a long time ago when I was just a kid in the 60's. Beautiful country , we ate at a place called El Rancho, I will never forget it. God bless man, good job keep it up!!!

Cowboy Bob Wallace

Like the good ol' rock and roll beat, the lyrics are good, keep on rockin' for the Lord and you'll never go wrong in this life and wow for eternity!! Will check out more of your tunes on Number One Music.

Review of CBW

Hey Bob, You just open my ears up a new version of ...."Christian Music for People Who Don't Really Listen To Christian Music & for those who do!" ....I don't think I've ever thought of writing with that Country Twang..."Today's the Day!!!" . the message is great, the recording was great, the vocals...etc...I can't say anymore but keep on keeping on Y'all. Hope this Easter weekend sees you blessed and in the Lords Grace...

Cowboy Bob is ridin' high in Big Bear

Cowboy Bob Wallace really nailed this one! This song has a great message and is performed wonderfully. The production and mix of the song is great! This is a definitely a country hit and will be around a long time for people to enjoy and get blessed by. Congratulations Cowboy Bob on a job well done. It's time to get back to fishin' down on Big Bear Lake!
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