Clyde Biggs / make it happen / What's the Reason

Unique Popsong

That´s really something special. Powerful drum beats are straight on the point. Some transitions of the bridges making the composition engaging for me. The tenacity of the song is forced by impressive funky bass-lines. The engaging vocal projection and lyrics about someone or something, including all the relevant characteristics, make the composition complete. The accompaining keyboard in the backround is also an extra factor and brings moreover intrest into this arrangement. The mixing would bring better results in a professional recording studio, but overall a exceptional cool sounding track. It´s original and I´m sure, you will also like to add it. Let others know your recommedation.

Funky 80s vibe

Love the drums in here. Very much reminds me of the 80s r n b with the funky drum beats. Cool vocals on here too. Nice keys and synth sounds. Takes me back to Karyn White. I love 80s Funk and r n b anyways.

An unexpected mix of elements that works well!

This is a catchy song! Took me just a couple of seconds to really get into it. The lyrics, sound like they were written by a veteran, and convey a clear message that is also well-served by the music. Now here's the thing: the music. An unexpected mix of acoustic pop, rock and even some oriental elements sit together in a surprisingly effective manner and deliver a groove that cannot be ignored. The only thing I enjoyed less in this piece was the keyboard sound that is a bit off in my humble opinion. Otherwise musically and ,urically this is something you really need to listen to. It is now on my favorite list.

I like it!

It sounds a little bit from the 80's! Very nice. Go on like this. This performance was really great to listen to and I appreciate it very much. Thank you for sharing the music! I am curious about the rest of your music.

Nice listen from start to Finish !

Nice listen from start to Finish ! Very retro/anachronistic in Nature but I dig that retro 90s Vibe... Positive Critique: I (as a producer ) would Love to have heard a nicely Constructed bridge to move away from the otherwise repetitive loop-like underlining intro, verse, verse... I do like the overall conceptual portion of this piece. What IS the reason for WAR Now? Love the message too ! Thanks so very much for sharing your Music and Art !!! :-)
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