Clyde Biggs / make it happen / What's the Reason

Good, but needs improvement

The overall idea is good, but the keyboard lead part is a bit sloppy and the vocals are muffled, needs some clarity in the upper range. You should create some more motion among the different parts through automation. Also the ending needs to be fixed, either you fade out or you end abruptly, now is somewhere in the middle and doesn't feel right. Hope it helps! Keep up the good work!

Make It Happen

Great start, very rhythmic Drums. The Vocals are Catchy (You find yourself Singing this in your head, all day) The concept is Great. War Has No Good Outcome. I would have preferred Live Musicians, But You Gotta stay on Budget. All in all 3.7


I have a mix reaction in this song.. I Like The Intro..but melody of the song not so much..also the arrangement is to static and predictable..I do think this is something to keep working on to make it better..I do not think that Music Publishers and Radio Stations will be Impress if You send Them now..keep working..They are very hard to please so send They ONLY Best Song as a Radio Ready Recording Quality...I wish You good luck with submissions..


They are 2 different way to review Your a Demo ( idea of The Song) or as a Final in today world Main Music Publishers and Radio Stations are looking for a Radio Ready Quality Recordings..with Fantastic Arrangement and Vocal.. and I'm sorry to say Your song is not There need a lot of work..but with an effort ther is a chance to make it better.. well try to send to The ( MP and DJ ) and I'm sure that They will agree with me..Good Luck.. make It better..

Nice music nice tool

I like your style sound more like hip hop tune from old school thing you sound original sound more confident let me say one if this day we will duet a sing together I will com the beat send to you sing your and i do my part good job

Real Music

I instantly started tapping my feet as the beat started playing. Not to mention, the words to the beat was very inspiring. The vocals on the track are mastered perfect. The song actually make you sit back an think. It has a good message from the beginning to the end. To be honest, I even downloaded the song so I can hear it whenever I like. I'll love to be featured on a song like this.

Good music!

Truly a great song. Congratulations! Well-made pop rock, full of rhythm and good vibes. One of the best things I've heard lately. Beautiful and contemporary the arrangement, beautiful the voice and the interpretation. Really good!

What's the Reason

I enjoyed What's the Reason for a couple reason. That best sounds like the up 80's groove I grew up with and that nice baseline is banging hard. The message is what powerful in this song and it highlights questions we should all have.


I like The Title..this is nice song but why the intro is that long..any how if You come up with a better arrangement and make song under 3 min will help..over roll I do not hear anything Special..As You know Music Publishers looking for Something and It has to be much is not important if I like or not.. They Must Love It ..and They hold The Keys to It is now is ok bebe play life ..I wish You good luck with pitching.. good job..


Non male questo sound anni 90 , ma che richiama l 'elettronica degli 80 ... bella voce , chiara e d'impatto e la canzone e' bella di suo , c'e' un bel lavoro di registrazione che sa' poco di costruito bravo Clyde


Cuando la comencé a oír me ha recordado a la música rai del Magreb (norte de África), solo le falta la percusión típica de la zona. Aunque me quedo con la música genuina del norte de África como el argelino Dahmane El Harrachi y su maravillosa "ya rayah" (escuchar en directo, es una maravilla). En definitiva, no se si estaré equivocado, pero me parece un intento (fallido) de hacer rai. Aconsejo escuchar a Khaled y por ejemplo su canción "Aicha", o "didi" y ya para rematar, escuchar a la cantante marroquí Oum, no es rai, pero es maravillosa.


This could win if you spend time on the lyrics, got rid of the keywords, and arrange a new key sounds. You are so near, make a four into an eight with just the two changes. Good luck, Thanks Magic

Unique Popsong

That´s really something special. Powerful drum beats are straight on the point. Some transitions of the bridges making the composition engaging for me. The tenacity of the song is forced by impressive funky bass-lines. The engaging vocal projection and lyrics about someone or something, including all the relevant characteristics, make the composition complete. The accompaining keyboard in the backround is also an extra factor and brings moreover intrest into this arrangement. The mixing would bring better results in a professional recording studio, but overall a exceptional cool sounding track. It´s original and I´m sure, you will also like to add it. Let others know your recommedation.

Funky 80s vibe

Love the drums in here. Very much reminds me of the 80s r n b with the funky drum beats. Cool vocals on here too. Nice keys and synth sounds. Takes me back to Karyn White. I love 80s Funk and r n b anyways.

An unexpected mix of elements that works well!

This is a catchy song! Took me just a couple of seconds to really get into it. The lyrics, sound like they were written by a veteran, and convey a clear message that is also well-served by the music. Now here's the thing: the music. An unexpected mix of acoustic pop, rock and even some oriental elements sit together in a surprisingly effective manner and deliver a groove that cannot be ignored. The only thing I enjoyed less in this piece was the keyboard sound that is a bit off in my humble opinion. Otherwise musically and ,urically this is something you really need to listen to. It is now on my favorite list.
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