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Awesome... My kind of stuff

Very good writing and vocals. Very impressed. catchy, upbeat and commercial. I love your writing style. Your back to country approach is refreshing. Nice to keep country alive. It's very cute and I would love to hear more of your stuff. Bet you have some cool music. I am a writer and singer and I know a real artist when I hear one. You are one.....

By review on that's my girl

The song starts out with a nice intro. Good lead and background vocals. It seems that the song does become predictable. We know the singer is going to talk about look factors. Lyrically I feel the listener wants to know more from the singer and the song is not delivering. A rewrite can easily solve that. It may be just my opinion but I think A&R would pass. Good luck with the song.

Great song!

This song of yours is really great. I feel happy when I listen to it. The song seems to be inspired from the sixties and I really love the sound. The lyrics are also great, no strange things just pure happiness. Great!

Old Style Bee Bop

Soon as it started, Ricky Nelson and, those late 50's, early 60's radio bops came to mind which, a decade later, became the trendy British rock-bop fad music many groups like the Beatles, Stones and, a lot of others at the time spun into trendy radio music... The drum track seems a little off to me and, vocals aren't as strong as they probably could be in this recording but, otherwise, it's a nice little toe tapper... It'd be nice to hear a studio produced version of it but, overall a nice job...

50's style!

This tune reminds me of tons of 50's rock n' roll songs and would fit right in on the jukeboxes of that time. The chorus hits the title three times and helps drill it in. I might have cut the second verse in half to get to the chorus quicker. You know what they say,"Don't bore us, get to the chorus!" The solo sounds like a fender strat and goes a little long. I would have avoided the third verse and done a two line bridge but that's ok. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :)

Hello from Jerzy...

Not sure.. but I'm hearing a Elvis Presley song.( or some other Hit )....nicely done.. but the lyric part has to be work on a little to make the song more sooth...I was a pleasure to listen it...I like it... Jerzy...

Great classic sound!

Chuck, I’m loving this! The lyrics are catchy & the vocals match the musical style to a tee! Nice electric guitar solo, too! The only thing I’d change would be tracking live drums rather than programmed. But you’ve definitely got a great tune here!

Lovin' this!

I would recommend your song to anyone. Sounds to me that you have been a singer/songwriter for quite some time. Am I right..........? What an awesome production!! Had a fantastic listen here and sure glad I stopped. Pleased to meet you! I hail from the state of Florida here in the USA. My pen name is Redheart and you can find me on, youtube. reverberation, Soundcloud, etc. You would find me as Redheart or Thomas Redheart or Thomas Redheart Peterson. Hope I said enough here to inspire you to write more songs, my friend and God Bless........ By the way, perhaps sometime we could join forces and collaborate on a piece or two........... Keep doing' what your doing' and I look forward to hearing from you again. Now that Christmas time is almost here, I'd like to take a moment and wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and much success with your songwriting in the coming New Year. Feel free to drop in on me and give a few of my songs a listen. I am now musician but I sure enjoy writing lyrics and singing my melodies to music that inspires me. Hope to hear from you real soon. Redheart

good song

Good Song Hope You Have Success Keep Up Your Songwriting And Have A Great Time With Your Music It Should Be Rewarding Time For You Who Knows Where This Can Lead To I Think There Is A Big Audience World Wide For New Interdependent Artists Keep Up The Good Work Look Forward To Hearing More Cheers
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