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N1M Charts
Week 16, 2019

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  • 1
    DESPIERTOS - Julio Unikornio
  • 2
    Si putesse vurria (L.Somma- S.Cintura) Canta Sergio e Roberta Cintura - Autore e Compositore - Cantante
  • 3
    No-Man's-Land by Gerlind - LEAG-Records
    Smooth Jazz / Pop
  • 4
    Pop / Singer Songwriter
  • 5
    LA ESCALERA - Urrechu Meana
  • 6
    Gimme Cracked Corn - Billy Ray Deiz
    Christian Rock / Pop
  • 7
    Amor contra cordura - Natalia Palacios
    Pop / Acoustic
  • 8
    Yves Young - Sugar Daddy - Yves Young
    Pop Rock / Pop
  • 9
    Daughter Of Jesus by Shogun - LEAG-Records
    Pop / New Age
  • 10
    Forever Love (feat. Bill Withers) [Live in Australia] - I AM A. S.M.O.O.T.H
    Signature review:

    Always in the right spotlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Opportunities befall us all
    It’s up to us to break the fall
    Every little thing isn't set in stone
    Ye... more
    Opportunities befall us all
    It’s up to us to break the fall
    Every little thing isn't set in stone
    Yet we cringe and cling to things of old

    A little step and a giant leap
    To things we think may never leak
    I awake within the nighttime hour
    And realize all of my own power

    This is true and well I think
    But how long before again I sink
    Inspired now truly and amazed
    Yet will it turn all into a world dazed

    My art is back on track it seems
    To successes filling up the beams
    I wander restless through the night
    And have stopped completely all this fright

    Amaze me will you with what I have done
    And everything that I have won
    Yet still more is to be achieved
    Again success I will receive

    I am the one walking on this path
    And fear not for there is no longer wrath
    DAWAN less

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