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Week 34, 2019

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  • 1
    Genius And Dummies *By GeniusMan @AppleMusic - EMPIRE GENIUS
    Rap / Hip Hop
    Signature review:

    I love it

    Do you desire to be a leader, or are you merely a seeker of the power and privileges that leaders r... more

    Do you desire to be a leader, or are you merely a seeker of the power and privileges that leaders receive? The people may see their king on a throne and wonder why one human is allowed to reign above another — believing that they are deserving of a life they believe to be easy.

    But when war comes to their gates, will they have the courage to decide whose children must be sent to fight and die, and whose will stay and live? When the crown of a prince’s father and grandfather adorns his head, will he be able to defend their people? When you answer to no one, no one answers your cries for help.

    It is easy to strive for the benefits of power while overlooking their great responsibilities. If you are meant to be a leader, seek wisdom over riches. Those with power and no wisdom often lose it; those with wisdom and no power often gain it.
    Read The Illuminati's Agenda For 2019
    Rhodium Illuminati Talisman
    The Metal Of The Moons

    In Illuminati symbolism, Rhodium is the metal of the moons. Found on Earth in rare supply, it shines with a silvery white surface that immortalizes the power of this planet’s lunar companion. Even in the darkest times, the moon illuminates humankind and brings harmony to life's most ancient unity – the hallowed bond between the dark and the Light. less

  • 2
    Canutillo Elementary - Rick Armstrong
    Singer Songwriter
  • 3
    To Put Me Back together - Songs By Ruth
    Country / Pop / Christian
  • 4
    Ewww(snippet)-Verze - itz VERZE!!!
    Hip Hop / Rap
  • 5
    Siah o Sefid - Gary Rihoo - Gary Rihoo
  • 6
    4 Da Gram (feat. Mateus Seth and Seemore Bluntz) - KARMAA
    Hip Hop / Rap
  • 7
    When She Cries - Steve Benger
    Rock / Pop
  • 8
    Lord Don't Leave Me This Way - Songs By Ruth
    Christian Country
  • 9
    Blood Feast Evolution On Sale Now wwwvisionredonlinecom NewMusicReleases - VISION RED
    Christian Rock
  • 10
    Traveling Blues - Grady Lark
    Blues / R&B
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