Great sound

You have a great sound and you ride the beat as you should. Your lyrical content is on point and you beat is perfect for the concept you decided to go with. You stayed in line with your hook. That hook really married the entire song together. I could hear this song being played on the radio as well. Keep going for what you know. You have a great career if all your song come off as this one did.


i like the sound its refreshing and a new sound i would like to hear lots more!!! we can work as well together if youre willing i think we could make epic music!!! HERE I AM!!!! im inspired bro

Here I Am

Not really a fan of intertwined rock and hip hop but I enjoy this bruh, lyrics on point...very influential and important to hip hop because of the intelligence being expressed, and one day can inform our youth


CaNy Your track is tight you have a sound that is Great, something that needs to be introduce on that Up & Coming, I haven't heard that hard driven music and rap Combo in a long time, Keep on doing your thing....

Cool bro

Keep it up ,salute good work. You deserve to be at the top¡¡!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I Am Street Anthem

The first thing that stands out on this track is the unique voice and quality production. The beat is a real high energy track that offer a regal feel to the track. Here I Am sounds like a coming out/street anthem.

here i am

First and foremost, this track was very difficult to listen to. I do think it has a lot of potential and has a good message from what i could tell. The biggest problem was there was so much going on in the track. Usually this is something you can get passed, but there was a lot of mid to high and HI-z components. The vocal pitch was matched in frequency so it made it a little harder. Production value and everything else was good but i think if you go back and drop some of the instruments by an octave or two, the track would really shine and probably come out brighter than what it is now just more audible. I wouldn't say it needs work, just a few pitch adjustments. Ive heard a lot of your tracks and they are dope so i know you can make this just as equally dope as the rest with some minor alterations

just listened

I think you got a good sound . Very lyrical and punctuated .I'd say almost Kendrick lamarish wit you own swagg. You gone go places mane stay at it .


This song is genius u hit every point u wanna hit in a song. Beat is a classic really a classic song. There's no way your not signed yet truly professionals. Man i would love to work wit you maybe u can help me with my career email me when u if u get a chance


Very impressive we likes the track the big band sound with a very talented rapper. We have a spot at for fresh, clean rappers like CaNy.




I like the lyrics an the song i feel like u can have a better hook the verses are going hard. I like it. Keep up the good work. If u redo the hook i would love to hear it. I like your style.


Nice style sick flow nice strong lyrics. Nicely done sick song I could bang this everyday definitely a strong song. Keep doing what your doing stay pushing. Much love 1DaMeyz

Here i am

yo i must say that this song is very lyrical and has a very good message! keep up the good work and keep reaching for the stars! i will definitely share this song.

great track

This track is great. keep on the good work, am mc menace a producer and an artist,pls if you have time please also check out my page or email me for beats.
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