Yes My GEE

As per usual you didn't disappoint! I went through 10 songs before I wrote a review. I said to myself I know CaNy won't let me down! Chet is straight fireball dragon Z!! This goes hard, definitely a club banger. Thanks for your consistency! Vocals always on point, verses keep you in tune and beats knock. Keep grinding my dude. Peace!


Definitely got that superstar rapper flow. Cany entertainment got some great artist with serious skills. I can't wait to here more from this upcoming label. They are undoubtedly on of the best labels I've heard in a long time.


Nice song good production work. Nice flow on top of a sick instrumental. Very nice I could definitely bump this everyday in the whip. Good job fam keep doing you and keep pushing on. Much love 1DaMeyz

Hit Single

Nice Club record that will rock anywhere but I'll let you be the judge. Had fun making this & turned out 2 be my hit single. Also check out the other bangers on my page I promise you won't be disappointed !!


I am a firm believer of practice makes perfect and that hard work prevails over talent, you seem to be putting a lot of work and pride into your music to make it your own craft your own art with that being said I feel as you keep going you can progress and have growth in the industry you just need to keep level headed and remember that at any moment you can lose everything and that someone somewhere always has it worse so that your story and stay true to your code and yourself above everything


Aye mann i really like this track you had some barz on this one. The production was also up to par bruh, nice ab libs with them punchlines makes this a well out together track. Keep pushing bruh you on your way fosho tho.

Nice Track!!!

After viewing your track I found out that this wasn't a bad song. It has potential. As a producer with a bachelors degree in Music Production there is a few things I would change but other than that some more tweaking with the vocals and it would be perfect. Keep it up! Brandon/B-MacB-Mac


I dig this joint. the beat is gangster. the flow is nice and rides the beat perfectly. I like the vibe. this is a joint I'd be bumping in the ride on the way to the bar.

dope song man

sickest shit I ever heard man real talk you sound like schoolboy q mixed with nas I can see you on a major label track ft lil wayne and kendrick lamar based on the your lyric writing


dope song man! the quality is awesome as well witch makes it a hundred times easier to listen to. keep up the good work and keep making them FIRE songs bruh

Sick flow

Real talent


My first thought is this is nice on the Hyphy movement. It would make a good show song as well. A video of the typical club seen wouldn't do the song content justice, but instead, make it a lavish type of quality. Speaking of quality, the mixing is pretty good. I can actually hear and tell what you're saying. Good track and keep it up!


  Fiya. This beat is nuts. Your flow fits perfect on this beat. keep doing you and keep making music. You're only gonna get better. I can only imagine how good you can become.

Good Flow, Nice Qualtiy, Good Wordplay & Rhyme Scheme

Good Flow, Nice Quality, Good Wordplay $ Rhyme Scheme. You Sound Like Your Own Artist, That's A Good Thing But Your Song Topic Is So Boring That You Sound Like Another Artist, Its Too Easy To Rap About Sex And Negativity, The World And Its Music Has Enough Negativity And Degrading Music, If I Were You Id Try Making Music That Lasts Forever Not For A Trend. But Of Course If That's Your Cup Of Tea, Roll With It, That's Just My Opinion.

That Pimp Ish!!

Listening strictly to delivery & musical accompaniment, I think this is well done! The Voice has a good tone that is a bit more than your average sounding rapper! Straight up West Coast. Go Head Playa!
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