Sounding like the god of rap lol j/P. Um great though what u expect me to say? Always on the same n keep it original in your music my opinion. Keep up the work man I can hear ya thru the BS lol. Peace.


You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits! You really have talent. Keep up the great work and continue dropping hits!




This is so accurate to the present time here in america, great movement, great message, great anticipation. Keep grinding this is a great way to present the new age hip hop scene. Much love from dis side.

R&B good production

Hy mate, in general I can't say I like this style and your track has not changed my mind. However, I recognize in your track a very good production, focusing on quality and louder sound, meanwhile the vocals are well balanced. It's a professional track and you might be able to shine with such productions. I don't know how to be more "present" in this genre but to me, it soiunds like any other R&B genre and you don't have to be shy for that. Maybe you might need to also focus on how doing things different, and try to surprise your fans. Keep on the good work, you'll desserve it soon or later. There's no place for great people, there's place for people who do what people like. What your fans do like in R&B ? Are they looking for more mixed sounds with multiple genres, oldschool tracks, male or female voices ? Try to ask them what would be the song they would like to hear from you next ? Comments and feedbacks are always meaningfull and it could be a good challenge if they ask you to prodiuce something different like a pop-rock track or an instrumental. Are you based in CA ? Los Angeles, SF ? What's your DAW ? Is she your singer ? Make her more present in your artwork, it looks like underground and techno style artwork, it is not showing really what's your music is. R&B forever jm


Im feeling it,sounds really good,its something i could vibe to every now and then but i can say ill keep up with youre work.keep doing what youre doing man,cant wait to hear more,i know its gonna be dope bro

Big bug song!!

This shitt is dope. Song is so hot!! Good team work. This song gonna make it big.i can see it going places. Wist you all the best on this song!! Keep up the good work. Keep doing your shot!! You are surely getting there!! One love. Mr Flava!

Around the world...

First off, the track starts off like it will take the club by storm! The singing vocals are HOT! The rap in this one is too far behind the music but the story is good. Very good concept and has a great Guitar solo at the end

Bad as you is a hit

This song has commercial potential and the hook is nice and the verses are great. Like a miami vibe is what I get when I hear it, with a mix of young Jeezy a little and the vocalist is on it and I am a fan

Bad As You

Nice delivery nice production def have a distinct sound of your own. I've always been a fan of new and fresh Indy artist. Indy artist is what it is now if you ask me. There's so much good music. I like it


First off, I like this beat! It compliments the track. It ain't the typical beat of today. The hook is on point! It goes with the song a demonstrates true skill! The vocals here are amazing too! Now the verses are very appealing to the ear. I had to hear the whole song because it kept my attention! Great job on this one!

The beat is Next Level

This sounds great...the work ethic and perfection of craft is radiant..... just be careful it sound a little outdated...almost like early 2k's but of course it has that east coast vibe to it... Jada, 50, and Fab wold be proud!... If you are interested in any endorsed marketing opportunities please feel free to contact us.... Originalwritermusicdotcom we would love to get you on a feature with our artist #NEWFACEOFHIPHOP #KINGWEEZY. .. "Bad as You" is an instinct Radio Banger!!!

It alright

It was ok but could have been better. But the vocals were nice and clear I could hear them perfectly. The song was very well put together. I would love to do a feature or few with you. Great work.

I love the format of this song. Nice, clear vocals, put together very nice & the overall swag of the track was awesome. Very well written as well. I loved it. I would love 2 do a feature or two with you. Keep up the good work my dude. I honestly can hear this track playing on major radio stations & bringing in a ton of requests when they open the line for calls. Simple amazing. Keep it up......


It sounds good to me i like the flow and the beat and the rhyme ot all sounds good to me But make sure you check out my songs please But it all good to me make more and meep striving for success
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