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Apr 12

Radio Program: "En busca de Talento" by

Mexico, Mexico City,
Radio Program: "En busca de Talento" by
Mexico, Mexico City,
Apr 12, 2019 @ 4:30pm
12-Abril-2019, 16:30 hrs.

Canelo Kot will sing in Radio-tv Program: "En Busca de Talento" for Canal Patrio


I want to share with you magical musical moments that transport us to our most intimate and passionate emotional fibers to experience joy, love, passion, euphoria and illusion, including feelings such as sadness, anger, pain or disappointment.

Squeezing life to knowledge, beautiful moments and experiences, allows me to raise my level of consciousness to share it through my music.

"Rock-mantico" ... read more


Canelo Kot

I want to share with you magical musical moments that transport us to our most intimate and passionate emotional fibers to experience joy, love, passion, euphoria and illusion, including feelings such as sadness, anger, pain or disappointment. Squeezing life knowledge, beautiful moments and experiences allows me to raise my level of consciousness to share it through my music. "Rock-mantico" (Rockmantic)... is the style of music that I have created, when merging Balad, Pop, Rock, Metal, Latin Music and Electronic Music, and with which I want to continue conquering hearts around the world ... including you , If you let me… CANELO KOT is a Singer and Composer with great sensitivity, charisma and intensity that offers unforgettable moments with his warm voice, music, poetic messages and scenic charm, which have led him to appear on Radio, Television (open or online), halls concert, theaters, show centers, fairs, festivals, educational institutions and various artistic-cultural forums. He received the "Young Artists" Award in 2006, the "Aplausos Award" and "Recognition of the Quadrilateral Men and Women Club" for his career in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Actor and collaborator of the Artistic Multidisciplinary Company JADEvolución Arte A.C. and Actor for “El Globo de México” productions, from October 2005 and March 2018, respectively, to date. Producer and General Director of Kot Productions, Business Consultant in Quality and Productivity, Instructor, Professor and Industrial Administrator, who was also Director of Promotion in Pro-Organización Rock Mexicano AC, Member of the Certification Board of "International Certification of Quality Systems, SC "And Instructor of the CIMO Program of the Secretary of Labor, in Mexico. His music has been taking place in the preference of the public since the release of his album: "I can not accept it" in stores and digital platforms. AS A SINGER, he ventured from an early age into genres such as romantic ballad, bolero, ranch bolero, rancH music, cumbia, salsa, pop, electronic, Latin American music and of course rock, both individually and as a group. Highlights include: Duet Romance, Trío Base Aérea, Jacarandas Quartet, Rondallas: Voice and Feeling, New Moon, Voices and Guitars, Polytechnic, Shalom Dominé and Xoxen; Choirs such as: Sacred Heart of Jesus, Air Base, Shojima, Alma Adonai and Monumental of San Martín Caballero; Estudiantina Jacarandas; Groups: Versatile, Kráter Rock Band and KOT Project. In 2005 he adopted his current artistic name and launched his musical proposal. AS ACTOR, in addition to her current participation in Calaveritas de Azúcar, Los Encantos de Ramona y Aventuras de un Viaje Interminable, she acted in the works: El buen Caldo, Naturaleza, El Eterno Femenino, Y donde está Gabriel, Demos Libertad al Preso, La Granja de Marylú (el Musical), El poder de los hombres, Fulano, Mengano y Perengano, Noches de Amor Efímero, Las tentaciones del Don y Yo Seré el Rey. In 2011 he directed the Monologue "La Cosquilla". He acted and co-directed his video clip "No lo puedo aceptar” (I can not accept it), participated in One W. Plus Infomercial for CV Directo and in 1 chapter of the series "Bajo el Alma" for Aztec television Mexico. AS A COMPOSER AND PRODUCER, he performed Demos: KOT "Despertar” (Awakening) and KOT "No lo puedo aceptar” (I can not accept it); wrote, musicalized and produced the songs and videoclip of his album Canelo Kot, "No lo puedo aceptar” (I can not accept it); Produced the Disco: "Acoustic Concert in Gitaneries" and composed singles such as: "Remembranza” (Remembrance) for Tribute to Emilio Carballido in 2006; "Golpeando" and "Champion Max" for a program project for Televisa; "Anda que Andarás” (Come on you will walk) for the children's play "El Cordoncito"; "Soy Mexiquense” (I am Mexiquense) for the Contest of the Popular Song of the Edo of Mexico, "Los Hoyitos" for the work "Viry pide ... Acéptame Soy igual que tu (Viry Asks.. Accept me I am just like you); "Es una Cosquila” (It's a Cosquilla), and the music of "Todo por tu amor" (All for your love) for the Monologue "La Cosquilla"; he made the music and recorded the song "Dime Tú" on Radio 13. He also participated recording the albums: "Rondallas 2000" and "Rondallas 2001", he composed a song for the "V Concurso de la Canción" from Texcoco "and he participated in the recording of 7 tracks of "La Granja de Marylú". He musicalized and produced songs for Roy Guerrero and his Trova pop. At the moment it continues producing singles and preparing more of its musical production. PRESENCE ON TELEVISION Among his presentations in the media include: Televisa S.A de C.V. (Night Bar Gdl, Auditions Mi Barrio Cdmx); MegaCable Guadalajara (Megavideos); Shows of the 6; Radio and Television of Hidalgo (From Tingo to Tango); Radio and Television Mexiquense (Por la Mañana), Televisión Nuevo Siglo Tlaxiaco, Oax. (The Hour of the T-cito); TV de Mente (DMente Marathon and DMente News), Canal Patrio (A Pretext for Chatting), Ant Radio and TV (The Wonderful Years), Canal G.TV. (How cool is the culture and El Rank), The Cave Crazy TV (The Interview), Channel 14MX (Matrix), ASTL.TV (Las Noches Consentido), Expresarte Mx,, Stars Tropicana TV, Planeta 2013 TV (New Woman, Planetary Consciousness, Lakshmi), Cherry Trees Radio TV (Underground), The Rock Cathedral Radio-TV (Rockantry Reaction), Xpansion Radio-TV (The Cobachita), Master Radio TV, among others. RADIO PRESENCE Corporación Oaxaqueña de Radio y TV (680 AM and 96.9 FM), La Poderosa Radio (830 AM and 100.5 FM), La Voz de la Mixteca (XETLA) 930 AM, Romántica FM 1380 AM, Radio Mexiquense (1200 AM, Metepec 1600 AM and 91.7 FM, Amecameca 91.7 FM, Valle de Bravo 104.5 FM, Zumpango 88.5 FM, Tultitlán 1080 AM), Radio ACIR (El y Ella) 97.5 FM, Radio Ecatepec (Local Frequency), Radio Politècnico 95.7 FM, Radio UDG, Guadalajara 104.3 FM, Radio Chapingo 1610 AM, ABC Puebla Radio 1280 AM, Interferencia IMER 710 AM, Uniradio 99.7 FM, Máxima Radio 107.7 FM Reyes Acozac, La Radio Explosiva (107.3 FM California USA and 106.3 FM in Huatusco Veracruz, Oaxaca, Puebla and Valle de Toluca), Radio on the Internet: Rock Sin Frontera, Vive Radio Mx, University of Communication UC Radio, UAM Radio, Riff111, Rock en Línea, Pro-Organization Rock Mexicano, El Punto Crítico (The Critical Point), NoFM-Radio, Eskucha Radio, Cerezos Radio, Carrusel Radio , Radio Hormiga, Puro Rock, Orizaba Radio, Promo Stereo, Tenta Cool Media, Lalo Div Radio, Master Radio TV, Radio Xpansion, SMX Radio, La Bonachona, Expresarte Radio, Tijuana Virtual Radio, Rockanrolario, among others. PRESENTATIONS WITH PERSONALITIES He has shared scene and poster with groups and personalities such as: Tex-Tex, Sam Sam, Heavy Nopal, La Lupita, Santa Sabina, Angélica Infante, Don Guillermo Capetillo Villaseñor, Rosenda Bernal, Alfonso Fors, Jo-jo-Jorge Falcón, Gabino Palomares , Arturo Huizar (Luzbel), Riesgo de Contagio, Morsa, Mr. Bikini, Boca Floja, Pedro Kominic, Jose Cruz (Real de Catorce), Fernando Vesga, Emiliano Clavel, Chino Rubin, Erasmo Catarino, Alicia Villarreal, Sonora Dinamita, Optimus Prime, Sargento Mostaza, Humo, Amargo, CQ Aces, Bajo Tres, Los Automàticos, Mannu, Morsa, Flor de Jade, Celedonio Martinez, Rafael Mendoza, Sueño Lúcido, Vicente Toledano, Cox Gaston, Jesús Guerra, Avanzada Rock, Los Hijos de Sabina, Tigra, Beatriz Cecilia, Roberto Vázquez, Benjamín Bernal, Tomás Urtusástegui, Tico Mendoza, among others. PUBLICATIONS: Rock en línea ( published its article: "La mujer en el rock" (May 2005) TRAINING: He took singing lessons with: Francisco González, Godofredo Álvarez, Ricardo Aguilar, Miguel Angel Silva, Agustín Ramírez Yépez and Gabrielle Guzmán recently at G-Martell College of Music & Audio where he also studied piano and electric bass. He studied acting with Joel Rangel Silva; Direction and Choral Technique with Gabriel Saldívar and Guadalupe Campos directors of the Academic Choir of the UNAM; Modeling with Roberto Alegría and René Velazco in Grupo Espamex; Projection, expression and artistic development with Amparo Rubín, Irma, Vico Rubín and Efraín Medina, as well as composition lessons with Mónica Ortiz Monasterio. He finished his studies at the IPN as a Professional Technician in Administration and a Bachelor in Industrial Administration, Diploma in Government Innovation and Quality from the Latin American Institute of Effective Communication (ILCE), in addition to specializations in human, organizational, technical and managerial development, communication, leadership, human relations, assertiveness, musical production, among others. His name: "CANELO" is a nickname given by his paternal grandfather, because of the color of their eyes, hair and skin. The "K" is the first letter of his first rock band "Krater" and "OT" is a Hebrew word that is interpreted as a miracle or very brigh light. Visit my official site: Buy my album:

Canelo Kot

Composer Guitarist Production Management Vocalist Music Director
I want to share with you magical musical moments that transport us to our most intimate and passionate emotional fibers to experience joy, love, passion, euphoria and illusion, including feelings such...
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