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Very catchy and awakening lyrics and the beat flow ccombination is great. A song that can be used in positive films for activism and to divert people from lisstening to the garbage music out there and still feel the music in a hip way. The message is beautiful an I love the gospel chorus crossed with the hip hop flavor. blessings

Good work

I love the concept of this song. The structure of the beat is very good. I would put a little more in the performance side (lyrical content) and the mix. But I love tone of the track. Great job, keep up the good work.

Thought the beat

I wish the whole beat stayed in the tempo of the intro...was kinda let down when it changed u could loop that part of the beat and kill it....neverthe less auto tune wouldbhave taken this track up a bit

Keep Pushing

Hello Brother Stanley, and blessings to you. just listen to your music. Keep pushing and moving forward. I think there are a few things you can do to make your sound better, and more professional.

Good Stuff

I love your video. Great Stuff. I love your video. Great Stuff. I love your video. Great Stuff. I love your video. Great Stuff. I love your video. Great Stuff. I love your video. Great Stuff. I love your video. Great Stuff

Yonder Review

Hey Brother Stanley..."Yonder"...has an urban contemporary hip hop feel to it. Great Beat...Great Message...the word syllable ratio was a little off the beat at times and the main hook "YONDA"(different from the title Yonder) was pitchy at times. Overall I did like the song and have tweeted it a couple of times. Keep up the Great Work and never let a review sway you from writing & putting out a song that makes the listener Think & also get their Groove On with the Head Bop. Blessings to you always Brother. Stay on the Battle field for Our Lord

Review of Yonder

Hi brother Stanley. This tune is definitely what Dr. Jesus ordered. ;) lol This is truly a "sneak peek" of what we are looking forward to each while on this globe. Keep up the great work brother. Great message of encouragement, and a great job of rhyming all the way through. Many blessings to you and yours brother Stanley, Trev :)

tight work

i like it. it has a nice catchy hook. the beat was real chill and mellow. i enjoyed the lyrics and it sounds like it had much thought put into it. keep up the good work and always remember "when ya style is different from everyone, everyone wants some" keep doing you and putting the knowledge out there..
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