good music bro

I have to listen to these music more.and.more why because it gain my attention I taught is not gonna hoove the leg but now i can dance and feel the passion I have for the song I will say bro keep the good job you worth a star

Yes, You

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we get a retro 80's song that you'd expect to hear in a movie like Pretty in Pink or Breakfast Club. The vocals are actually nice, but a little less prominent than I'd like, and kinda "echoy" that's not the right word, but I'd like less effect on them and more in the front.

Cool 80’s feel

First of all the voice is great and the harmonies is great as well. This song reminded of the movie Greese. It brought me back to the 80’s it gave me a happy relaxed feeling, the instruments was not Overbearing it was simple and uncomplicated, i think is a really good song. Great job


This song "YOU" by Bronski begins nicely upbeat reminiscent of some classic eighties pop, ( i dont know if that was the idea), toe-tapping with a nice melody, supported by a steady simple beat , jolly bass line and some good sweeping synths. The vocals are built up well, with a nice interaction between the two vocal tracks, the main and backing vocals.I could imagine this getting radio play as it is quite easy to listen to. All in all, pretty good work.

Nice !!

Keep up the good work ! I really like your style. Im Kapo The Goat I have projects on iTunes , Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify. I also own a record label VLWGE, Valuable Losses World Global Entertainment. Contact me on Ig: kapothegoat

A for Originality !!! :-) Fun to listen...

A for Originality !!! :-) Fun to listen... This is what writing, creating and performing is all about... Being an honest and sincere writer is at the top of any Artist's list. The tracks are done nicely and the supportive tracks and background vocals are also nicely done. Thanks so much for sharing your Music :-) Best regards TD


I like this tune..kind of soft rock / pop..good to dance..but is not important what I think .They ( Music Publishers and Radio Stations ) Must Love It other way nothing will happen..I will try to make It better before submissions..They areVery Hard to Please and who know for what They are looking for at this moment..but for sure You must mate it shorter app 3 min long and be good if You use a real Drummer .. I think I'm hearing a Drum machine.I wish You good luck with submissions....


This is a Very Nice Happy Song..if You just put More Passion in to The Vocal and a better Arrangement ( put a Real Drummer on The Drums this will add some sparks.) is always a good idea to use a Real Instruments .. Major Publishers and Radio Stations looking only for Radio Ready Recordings and this is not on that level..but is ok to be played make it better and a little shorter app 3.5 min long and send It out... good luck with submissions..


Bronski Beat have several hit records to their credit,,..and have been an established musical force since the 1980s,,.. ,... Steve has successfully carried the Bronski sound and musical appeal to todays music followers..... this track.."Y O U" is an example of their classic Electro/Pop sound.. a very polished song..well written and as usual performed to a high stations will love this track and is sure to gain much exposure and attract more followers to Bronski....a pleasure to recommend this great band and their amazing music...


this is a nice melody but need some work done as It is now ..I do not think Music Publishers and Radio Stations will be just to plain and Predictable....( is always a good Ide to use Real Instruments and Great Vocal.. so work on It..I m hearing a Polish Touch in Your song but Music Market for something like that is small but I wish You good luck with submissions.. I like It but "They" Must Love It.. on the other noteis good to be perform life...

Brilliant track from the founder of Bronsky Beat

Nice song with a good feel. Reminds of the legendary synthy-pop band Bronsky Beat in the 80´s. This professional arrangement by using versatile synthy-sounds carry the composition well and bring also some electronic effects into the music. The voice of the singer is impressive and the romantic passion of the lyrics comes from the heart, making the meaning of the song engaging for me. The melodical arranged duet in the chorus brings additionally beauty into the song. The digitally mixing and mastering is professionell. This song could be a radio hit and it´s an original. I´m sure you will likely add him. Let others know your recommendation.
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