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Excellent quality for this recording. I enjoyed the lovely vocal talent of this lady singer that calls to mind the unique voice of singer June Carter. I loved the lyrics which very beautifully recount a love story from beginning to end. I found the instrumental on point and beautiful with the right beat for a Texas two step dance. I hope you continue to sing and compose together since your talent truly is blessed and a blessing to those who listen. Another new song I hope is coming soon!

belle chanson

véritable adorateur de la musique acoustique car étant moi même débutant guitariste et chanteur auteur compositeur je suis assez eclectique niveau musique et surtout dans tous les styles.


C,est une très belle chansons influence chirstofer cross ,avec des harmonie génial la voix est douce sa me donne vraiment du baume au coeur et l,amour de la music se font sentir très belle emotion

"Until " by Brandon Good

I have to be honest , I am not a big fan of Country but that`s maybe because I am more a rock fan from the UK. But that said , I am a big fan of a good song and melodies , whatever genre of music . This is a very good song with a very good melody , which it must be because I actually listened to it right through . Keep up the good writing , and good luck . David

Absolutely Fantastic

"Until" by Brandon Good is an absolutely fantastic song. In a pure country style the lyrics are very well written and the melody is beautiful. The vocals by the young lady performing the song are wonderful. What a great voice.

Wait for it

This sounds like a song heard on a jukebox. The vocal is smooth, piano sounds good, the lead guitar sounds nice. One of those songs that say how you truly feel with the one you love. I get a little sentimental when I hear a song like this, its a two steppin slow ballad, we just don't hear much of these songs anymore. The song has a very nice ending. I would love to hear more of this type of song. Songedge

Nice Song

Hello, It's a very nice acoustic-guitar song! You've gotquit goode guitar skills and it fits good together with the structure of the song! You're voice I like too, a very romantic mood comes over me as a listener. Judith M from Germany


Brandon Good brings us Until, a traditional country ballad. From a listener's standpoint its a classic style of country that could fit well as a soundtrack piece. From a producer's perspective, the piece itself lacks a certain energetic quality. It carries roughly the same level of energy throughout the song. Unfortunately a bit of torpor develops as the song progresses and the slow breakdown was ineffective in wrapping up the experience.

Another magic song

I have just had my day made perfect listening to Brandon Good's latest release - ''UNTIL''. How good it is to hear a good homespun country singer - but there I notice he lives in the Temple of Country Music - Tennessee. Please keep on recording songs like this one Brandon because it helps bring back the SOUL of true country music - instead of today's crossover sounds many of which will be forgotten within short months of their release . So my friend, you can rest assured that UNTIL did it for this nephew of a great country songwriter of yore - Henry Whitter.

Great lyrics

This was an amazing song...great meaningful lyrics and wonderful instrumentation. It is obvious that this project was approached with care and love. The lead singer has a marvelous voice.

Good to gizzard I I am amazing listen to your song

Good song good to go to the flipping world song of the best artists I am glad to hear your sound very good Ilove it party music classic your song is good big tune so I will listen to you until tonight my friend good song Ilove it party harn
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